Baby Sheep Born With Face Of Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad

It’s a miracle…..Allahu Akbar…  Jihadi Fucks Sheep, Hilarity Ensues!

With all of the Goat and sheep fucking going on in the Muslim countries, have you ever wondered what would happen if a sheep was impregnated by a horny jihadist?

From The Sidney Morning Hearald:

A sheep in Turkey has reportedly given birth to a lamb with a human-like face.

Vet Erhan Elibol performed a caesarean section to deliver the calf near the city of Izmir and was horrified to find it looked like a human, Russian and Turkish news sites said.

“I’ve seen mutations with cows and sheep before. I’ve seen a one-eyed calf, a two-headed calf, a five-legged calf,” the 29-year-old vet was quoted as saying in Russian newspaper website  Pravda.

“But when I saw this youngster I could not believe my eyes.”

Photos purportedly of the lamb, which was stillborn, show human-like eyes, nose and mouth.

Vets said the calf’s mutation was most likely the result of an excess of vitamin A in the mother’s fodder.

Pravda reported that a goat in Zimbabwe gave birth to a similar human-like calf last September. But villagers killed it, believing it was the result of intercourse between the mother goat and a man.

They make their women cover their faces and hide them indoors while they take to the fields and barns to schtupp an available sheep or goat.  The fact that it was born in a largely Muslim nation just makes it that much more hilarious.

14 responses to “Baby Sheep Born With Face Of Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad

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  2. Human like face. On a baby goat. Poor thing. The mother goat had no control over the situation.

  3. There was another case of bestiality long time ago in these parts of the Muslim world. But was with a PIG. The specimen actually leaved a healthy life and become quite a prominent personality as well.
    His name was Mohamed (more-ham-ed).

  4. Hi, i am making anti islam photoshop pictures, and right about now i’m portraying Moohamhead as a orthodox jew porn actress with The Black stone as a vagina and kurt westergaards bomb muhammad as a face 🙂


    I figured that would stir muslim blood 🙂 But, i would want to know the name of the jewish clothes when you have a hat and locks 🙂

    If you would want my anti muhammad cartoons i can send them to you 🙂 Some are really funny 🙂

  5. Or maybe it isnt offensive to muslims to imply that muhammad was a jew, i figured that becuase they hate jews with all their heart it would upset them 🙂 And i dont think jesw will take offense like the primitive musselmans.

  6. ok this is possible that its true but not neesesary that it was horny mistake i think its an expriment done by scintist. so no one can blame on muslims coz there many kind of expriment was done in other country then why should muslims? i need answer. so waiting for answer on ma id.

  7. o that sheep looks just like BEN ZONA MEANS sun of the bitch in hebrew or does it mean the starter of miserable godless state of terror of pice of shit country of the world israel? That animal looks just like a jew who kills little kinds.

  8. NO ONE GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT SOME ONE ELCES PROFIT LIKE IT IS YOUR FRIEND YOU RUDE BUNCHES OF SHITS. Learn some respect. Do we say anything about moses and did you know he was a black man not a jew learn your history you blame you are a jew but you know nothing about the Tora the holy word of God did. God tells us in his Holly Tora his book Not to be elegant and be kind to All is that the case or what Why the hate why can’t we love each other and live in peace please be nice sand respect everyones Faith please.

  9. I know my spelling sucks sorry but I am little angry to see all this hate going around Holly Mosses told us to love one and another coz God almighty Loves us. And is this how we tell others about Mosses and hiss massage From God to others. Is this How a Faithful Jewish should be I ask you all? Is this kind of behavior is allowed By God Mosses or Tora. I like to see what every one thinks and can any one tell me one good thing just one from the Holly book so it will help me feel better. A jewish must be a person of passion and full of Godly love isn’t it Where is the godliness in the words you all using. Please people Lets love Love will win the hearts Mosses did not hurt people to tell them about God he use kind and love to teach us. Cant wait to read words of wisdom and love SHALOM to all.

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