Airport Nazis (TSA) Strike Again

The Airport Nazis Strike again…

I know the “victim” comes across as an entitled obnoxious bitch, but the reason I believe her is the fact that the video of the incident was destroyed and I personally know for a fact that those local pricks such as the Director and Asst. Director of Security will do anything to cover their asses.  It’s probably the same in Philly as it is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Airport manager Renee Tufts said all video is destroyed after 30 days unless a court or law enforcement agency requests otherwise. Although one of Pellegrino’s attorneys had asked immediately that the tape be kept, TSA attorney Lisa Eckl said her agency did not keep the tape because most of the incident took place outside the cameras’ view, either in the private screening room or at the doorway.

From The Philidelphia Enquirer:

She’s a small, self-assured, and exacting woman who makes a living as a business consultant.

She used to be on the faculty at Penn State and the former Trenton State College, where she taught public speaking and semantics.

She was heading back to Boca Raton with her husband on July 29, 2006. They have a home in the Philadelphia area, where both grew up, and had been visiting family. They were to fly US Airways, upgraded to first class because of their frequent-flier status.

At security, Pellegrino, then 57, was selected for more intensive screening. She says no one explained why. When an agent plopped her bags onto a table to begin an examination, she objected, requesting a private screening, which she knew would summon a female TSA employee.

“I had some personal belongings in there,” she said. “He also didn’t use gloves. I get sick very quickly. I didn’t want him introducing microbes in my bags.”

When screener Nuyriah Abdul-Malik arrived, Pellegrino asked her to change her gloves. Inside a small room, Pellegrino got a thorough screening. The woman examined every inch of the bags, Pellegrino said, smelling lipstick, pulling out credit cards.

Read the entire story by clicking on the link above.

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