6 responses to “Video: The Friday Song

  1. Sorry, bare-foot and/or sandalled white boys playing blues just doesn’t cut it.

    I grew up on the South side of Chicago, listening to Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter, and started playing with a bunch of old black guys on the West side when I was barely out of high school.

    And the crowds in those days (mid 60s), if your shoes weren’t spit shined, well you were just a hill billy POS.

  2. sorry to go off topic, but i wasn’t sure where to post this…
    I just finished watching episode 4 of the new Jewish TV show “From Date To Mate”– OMG!!! It’s such a good show. Does anyone else know about this?? I just had to spread the word, but it really is a great show!! I’m so happy (and shocked) to see a show like this, with Jewish characters and substance, and it’s really funny! It’s honestly a must see. It’s on Shalom TV On Demand, and I think it’s also on line.

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