Draw Muhammad Day

I know I have’nt posted in like forever.  The job is killing me…Someone has to work and pay for all this “Hope & Change”.   Anyway, here is my submission that I did in MS Paintshop……

"Allahu Fubar Mother Fuckers"

10 responses to “Draw Muhammad Day

  1. The bigger question is WHY ????….why at the first instance initiate an act which has intimate feelings by another group…Im positive there are numerous subjects available in the world which can prove freedom of speech and liberty….JEWS all over the world react to denial of holocaust ..a stance which is accepted by the world…so why not apply similar format for muslims…what really is intended to be achieved from this act or where the quality of life will improve…in actual it will fuel anti west sentiments and make the task of mopderate muslims difficult in containing militancy….

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  4. why must people hate like this tell what will it achieve? really becuase i really am confused about what thrills people about hurting feelings, being prejudiced.
    what if someone did this about your religion how infuriated would you be huh? but many muslims are putting it aside letting it go for those who arent well they are choosing the wrong path and going in to the wrong.
    please i am not muslim but im asking you rogue jew to put yourself in others shoes, and think about how you would feel if you saw a picture discriminating or threatening your religion.
    not all muslims are the same, just as not all jewsh people are the same and not all christian people are the same.
    so please think before you preform a selfish and racist act like this.

    btw: i did not mean to offend and if you find this offensive, i apologise in advance

    and you j.henry think b4 you speak because it may be funny to you but a young muslim girl somewhere could see this and she may be frail hearted and possibly commit suicide, yes i have known young muslims who have done that kind of act because they just dont understand it yet, they dont understand the hate that the world revolves around.

    i hope you both gain more knowledge and wisdom

    again no offence to any one intended and i apologise in advance if any offence was committed
    much love

  5. I think as long as Muslims mock, persecute, and desecrate the religions of others, then they have no right to demand respect for theirs.

  6. I wonder how many times Christians go beresrk like the Islamic supremacists do when Jesus Christ is being depicted as either a homosexual or the first Communist…still waiting for all those death threats…

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