I Can Haz Freedom of Speech?


Freedom….I haz it!  Fuck Obama and his koolaid slurping horde of fucknuts!  Put this in your crack pipe and smoke bitches!

H/T Weasel Zippers!

One response to “I Can Haz Freedom of Speech?

  1. The problem with freedom of speech is that any idiot can speak and spread their ignorance, this image is perfect proof of this. That kind of person cares more against rallying against something than actually taking the time to understand and see if their objections are justified.

    “Damn that Obama destroying this country! What? He’s already kept over 100 of his campaign promises and has helped improved the country in many ways? Shut up and keep your facts away from me. I don’t need facts, I have Fox News and Glenn Beck to tell me that Obama is a commie, socialist, nazi, facist, muslim, racis,t satan worshiping, gay mexican!”

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