Other Community Organizers

The Definition of “Community Organizer”: Community organizing is a process by which people living in proximity to each other, are brought together to act in their common self-interest. Community organizers act as area-wide coordinators of programs for different agencies in an attempt to meet community needs for various services.

Under that heading, I am reminded of other more notable and infamous community organizers that have attracted attention by writing books, telling people what they wanted to hear, and advocating “Change”.

  1. Adolf Hitler: Democratically elected ruler of Germany and author responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews and millions of other ethnic Europeans who didn’t fit in Hitler’s vision of “Change” for Germany.  Commited suicide when he realized that his vision for “Change” was lost.
  2. John Gotti: Mafia Boss of the well known Organized Crime Gambino Family.  Extortion, drugs, murder, prostitution, tax evasion were well known activities of the advocate for “Change” among the Italian community.  Died of Cancer in Federal Prison.
  3. Yassar Arafat: The grandfather of modern terrorism who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews.   Advocated “Change” through the use of Suicide Bombers. Much like fellow “Community Organizer” Barack Obama, much is unaccounted for money wise from his days as a “Community Organizer.  Died of Aids in a French Hospital.
  4. Saddam Hussein: Democratically elected deposed President of Iraq.  Another “Community Organizer” who fought for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.  Much like Barack Hussein Obama, Saddam liked to silence his opposition through intimidation.  Like Barack Obama, Saddam focused on attaining stability in a nation riddled with profound tensions.  Saddam, it should be noted was responsible for the deaths of over two million people.
  5. Osama bin Laden: You could say that the worlds most famous Islamic Terrorist is a “Community Organizer.  According to Democrat Senator Patty Murray D-WA, “Osama bin Laden has been “out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful.”  His terrorist network helped create the Taliban in Afghanistan and ruled through use of Intimidation and murder as a tool to retain power and obtain goals.

I am reminded of several other “Community Organizers” that are as notable such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who use Racism as a wealth building tool and intimidation to extort millions of dollars from Corporate America in the name of Racial equality.  Rev. Jim Jones who like Barack Obama was considered a “Messiah” of sorts by his followers who  over a thousand of his disciples ended up following him in a suicide ritual of Cyanide laced kool aid.

Also we should be reminded that Stalin, Castro, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, Al Capone, and Charles Manson under the definition would be considered “Community Organizers.

Hmmmm, makes one sit up and think, doesn’t it?

Jimmy Carter Pays Tribute To Mass A Murdering Pedophile Who Died Of AIDS

Could Jimmy Carter’s hatred of Jewish people be any more obvious then in the past?  He aligns himself with every mass murdering terrorist and dictator in the uncivilized world and expects the people of Israel and the United States to have his back?

History’s biggest failure of an American President, Jimmy Carter today laid a wreath at the grave of Yassar Arafat, the godfather of modern Islamic Terrorism and a mass murdering pedophile who is said to have died of AIDS and is responsible for the death of more Jews since Adolf Hitler.

From AFP:

The former president and his wife Rosalynn Carter laid a wreath on the tomb of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Ramallah. The wreath bore the words: “President and Mrs Carter.”

The former president was nevertheless scheduled to attend a reception on Tuesday in which former deputy Palestinian prime minister and senior West Bank Hamas leader Nassereddin al-Shaer would be present.

Carter said on Sunday that Israeli leaders had declined to meet him on the tour which will also take him to Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

It was reported that Arafat was both a pedophile and that he had contracted the Sexually Transmitted Disease AIDS of which it is rumored was the cause of his death.

From Truth News:

Arafat was reportedly a homosexual and pedophile. In 1987, former Romanian intelligence chief Ion Pacepa described Arafat’s romps with his bodyguards in the book “Red Horizons.” Pacepa says that fellow Romanian general Constantin Munteaunu said about Arafat, “I’ve never before seen so much cleverness, blood and filth all together in one man.” Former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus told John Batchelor on ABC radio on October 26 that Arafat is dying from AIDS. Loftus said the CIA has known this about Arafat for quite awhile and that as a result the US has encouraged Sharon not to take Arafat out. Although homosexuality is not uncommon in the Arab world, it is officially considered a sin and a crime, and regarded in Muslim fundamentalist circles as a mark of shame and depravity.

So there you have it.  A Former President who is a Liberal Democrat, is honoring a Mass Murdering Pedophile who more then all likely hood died of a Sexually Transmitted Disease called AIDS transmitted most commonly by drug users and unprotected sex with Homosexuals.  In a better world, a douchebag as big as Arafat would have died on the gallows!

I’m waiting for a report that Jimmy Carter’s next stop will be to lay a wreath on Passover at the site where Adolf Hitler died.  Perhaps if their was an official gravesite, Jimmy Carter would very likely do so.  Perhaps on the last leg of his trip, Carter and Hamas Terror Leader Khaled Mashaal will announce their version of the “Final Solution” for Israel.

Here is a most recent photograph of Yassar Arafat, the Dead Terrorist…

Yassar Arafat, the dead Islamic Pedophile/Terrorist