Ann Coulter Interview At Right Wing News

Happy freaking monday everyone…As we all know, the Moonbat Messiah is still trying to shove the Golden Turd down the throats of American taxpayers for this massive redistribution of wealth…

In the meantime, the folks over at RWN have a fantastic interview with Conservative Author Ann Coulter.  It is definately worth a read and I would advise anyone Conservative or Liberal to read it.


Here is a taste of what you’ll find…

So, does the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” exist?

Sadly, no. I’ve been trying to get one off the ground for years. Turns out conservatives just aren’t “joiners.” If only we could get some funding. Maybe if we printed up some T-shirts or something.

Will Barack Obama’s policies make another 9/11 more likely?

Judging from his first-ever TV interview as president — the one he did on al-Arabiya television — I’d say yes. But on the bright side, it was sweeps week and Obama’s interview was a great lead-in for “Extreme Makeover: Rape Room Edition.”

Do you hope Barack Obama succeeds?

That depends. At what? At being a good president, yes, I do! That would mean he’d have to govern as a right-winger. Consequently, I hope his plans for creeping totalitarian socialism fail.