Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Give A Shit About The Superbowl?

I admit it…I’m not that big a football fanatic.  On sunday’s, I would rather watch a NCIS marathon on USA Network then watch a football game in between the NASCAR seasons which by the way the Daytona 500 is in 13 Days, 23 hours, and 17 minutes and counting.

Anyway, I’m going to finish my yearend tax stuff, run to the store, and rent a movie to watch.

For those of you who do like the football event of the year…ENJOY!

Election Day Live Blogging

CNN has already declared Obama’s campaign a victory and a landslide at that.  Could they be any more in the tank?

From the Commie News Network:

”DIXVILLE NOTCH, New Hampshire (CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama emerged victorious in the first election returns of the 2008 presidential race, winning 15 of 21 votes cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.”

Unconfirmed Reports of fraud and voter intimidation coming in from Philly where I’ve heard rumors that the Black Panthers are holding night sticks are blocking the doors at voting sites in Philly.

From LGF:

Fox News just reported on an incident at a polling station in Philadelphia, where Black Panthers were blocking the entrance (one of them holding a nightstick) and intimidating voters; police were called. According to a witness they were telling people, “A black man is going to win this election no matter what,” and, “White supremacy is over.” One of these Black Panthers is actually an official poll watcher.

When Fox News showed up, the Black Panthers started accusing them of voter intimidation.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakkahn and Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers voted this morning in the same place as the Obamessiah.

Update:  Sorry, work calls.  I couldn’t get away as I had hoped.  We all know how this ended anyways.

Wanted: Opinionated People Who Want To Write

I am searching for two or three people who would like to be contributors to “The Chronicles of a Rogue Jew”  Would prefer Jewish person who is right wing conservative, but would consider a right wing Christian who strongly supports Israel as the homeland of the Jews has a really good sense of humor and keep up with mine which was honed and nurtured by the Michigan Dept of Corrections 10 yrs (6 months of booty duty) and the Transportation Security Administration.  

I make absolutely no money off this blog, it is out of pure love and a sensational need to shoot off my big fat mouth and share the unusual thoughts that go on in my head with the world.

Trolls need not apply.  

I am kicking around the idea of taking all this from wordpress and have been hammering out a deal with a friend who offered me free server space!  

I think this blog could really go somewhere with some other big mouths besides myself.  There is nothing more satisfying then pissing off the liberal left. 

Please email me at

Yet Another Jewish Holiday

Once again beginning at sundown, I will be away from my blogging duties to observe Yom Kippur.  I will return tomorrow night and I will try to post some stuff throughout the day today.  We’ll see what comes up.  After John McCain’s boring PC performance last night, I will no doubt spend my entire day tomorrow in shul praying for a October surprise.

To all of my Jewish friends who will be observing Yom Kippur, I hope you have a easy fast.

Shalom Y’all!

Look Out Jack, The Rogue Jew Is Back!

After a brief break from the blogging action, I have returned. My duties won’t be as full time as before. I am going to Hebrew school to learn how to read Hebrew and read from the Jewish Holy book, the Torah. I promised my wife I would lighten my blogging in order to accomplish this.

Yes Incogman, you are still blocked…Free speech does not fly on MY blog! You have your own blog in which you can hustle your bullshit.