Obama Not A Natural Born US Citizen: Obama May Have Been Born In Kenya

If this is true, it would only stand to reason why Obama is so reluctant to provide proof of his US Citizenship and display a certified copy of his Birth Certificate.  Per the US Constitution, The President of the United States MUST be a Natural Born Citizen and not a Naturalized citizen.  If Obama was not in fact born in the United States and was instead born in Kenya or even BFE, then he would be inelegible to be POTUS.

From Texas Darlin:

It has been asserted by a number of sources, including Andy Martin, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii. Philip Berg’s Latest Motion to the Court is more explicit since it gives an exact Place of Birth. I must assume that Berg did not simply pluck the Location out of thin air, Mombasa has more than one Hospital, though Coast Provincial General was the best in 1961.

British Birth Certificates have a Standard Format which has been more or less the same since 1837 and they can only be challenged in a British Court. Kenyan Law is explicit and can only be challenged in a Kenyan Court. Indonesian Law is explicit and can only be challenged in an Indonesian Court. Be clear, if Obama was born in Kenya this is not simply a matter for the US Courts, or US Law.

If he was born in Kenya, and his parents were Legally Married [which on the Preponderance of Evidence they were, his father’s first “Marriage” being a Tribal, or Village, Marriage, which was not Legally Recognized] due to the age of his mother he would NOT have been a US Citizen. The Immigration and Nationality Act 1952, 8 U.S.C. 1401. Sec. 301 (g) [Effective November 14, 1986] does not apply, nor does Title III, Immigration and Nationality Act Section 309. [8 U.S.C. 1409].

Unless he has taken the Oath of Allegiance as a Naturalized Citizen since he was 18 years old, and if he was born in Mombasa, Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II would not be a US Citizen, period. The issue of whether or not he was Natural Born under Article II of the Constitution of the United States would cease to matter and he would need to be Deported as an Illegal Alien.

According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims.  His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room.

In the past, even as much as I dislike Obama, I have not written much about the whole Birth Certificate issue much like LGF which has even steered away from this.  But with the possibility of proof that Obama may in fact not be eligible to run for President and it being this close to election day with so much riding on the line over the possibility of Obama as President I feel it is neccessary to make this a issue.  Obama needs to put up or shut up in this case.  What I mean is he needs to either present a certified copy of his birth certificate as proof that he is eligible to be President and if not, he needs to drop out of the race.  Plain and simple.