More Vermin In The White House

A fly can always find a pile of shit somewhere.  In this case, a fly that managed to escape the ninja like moves of President Kick Ass landed right on his mug and was photographed.

shit for brains

A fly lands on President Barack Obama’s face as he delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act and the New Patients Bill of Rights, Tuesday, June 22, 2010, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Click Here

Flies are naturally drawn to shit, so it just goes to prove my point that the Schmuck in Chief has Shit for Brains.

Kippah Tip to Weasel Zippers

Look Out Jack, The Rogue Jew Is Back!

After a brief break from the blogging action, I have returned. My duties won’t be as full time as before. I am going to Hebrew school to learn how to read Hebrew and read from the Jewish Holy book, the Torah. I promised my wife I would lighten my blogging in order to accomplish this.

Yes Incogman, you are still blocked…Free speech does not fly on MY blog! You have your own blog in which you can hustle your bullshit.