Huge Failure Pays Visit To Epic Failure

Jimmy Carter at the White House…What could possibly go wrong???

Jimmy Carter took time out of his busy schedule of helping Islamic Terrorists kill Jews to visit President Barack Hussein Obama and kiss the ring of the Moonbat Messiah.

From CBS News:

Former President Jimmy Carter was seen at the White House this morning, where he spent about 90 minutes in the West Wing – most of it with National Security Adviser Jim Jones, reports CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.
Mr. Carter’s press secretary said Carter received a "private briefing … as he has had with past administrations."
The White House added that President Obama briefly greeted Mr. Carter during the visit, reports Knoller.

Perhaps he wanted to congratulate  Obama on his $101,332 bonus from AIG in the form of political contributions. 

I can picture Obama and Carter having a pissing contest to see just who is the biggest failure….”I am. No, I am. No really, I am……”

One can only imagine the advise Jimmy can give on issues such as the Economy, National Security, Foreign Relations…..The possibilities are endless!  Lord knows Carter set the bar pretty high in the field of FAILURE, but I have faith in the Obamessiah that he can surpass Carter and Fail in Epic Proportions.

I couldn’t help myself and had to have a little fun with the picture of Jimmah lurking around the Whitehouse.

wabbit season

The World’s A Stage and Obama Plays Its Bitch!

Bitch Obama2

Since taking the oath of office over a month ago, Barack Obama has overseen a 21% decline in the stock market, Pakistan made nice with the Taliban, trillions of American tax payer dollars have been redistributed and what has the Messiah done?  He has effectively become the world’s bitch and the laughing stock amongst dictators, terrorists, despots, and thugs.

Face it, Islamic Terrorists, and dictators like Kim Jong Il, Ahamdinejad, Chavez, Castro, and Putin see Obama as a weak, gutless eunich with no heart, and as a stuttering coward on the world stage when he is without his trusty teleprompter.  Thanks to his tacky treatment of Great Britain’s PM Gordon Brown, he is viewed by nations once friendly to us as a goofy big eared clown with no class.

The only “Change” I’ve seen beside the dwindling amount of change in my pocket, is how the world now views the United States of America, especially those that wish harm upon us.

I was not George W. Bush’s biggest fan, I disagreed with some of his policies, but by G-d, he made damn sure that the world knew we were a force to be reckoned with and under his strong leadership, the United States suffered no Terrorist attacks after 9-11.  Why, because of his prompt and decisive military action against the perpetrators of that horrendous day.  Do you think for one minute that Obama would respond in the same fashion?  I have more faith that he would prove to be an utter failure in the face of a true crisis.  Faced with a true test, I honestly believe that Obama will go down faster then Barney Frank at a Convention of Alter Boys from San Francisco.

This schmuck named Barack Hussein Obama will in no doubt go down in American history as the biggest failure to ever, evah, sit in the Oval Office.


Failed President Offers Future Failed President Support

Breaking News

The one President with one of the worst economic track records, the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Biggest Failure as a President, Jimmy Carter gave Obama his official Oky Doky on his Spending Spree he called a “Stimulus”.

From The Associated WIth Terrorists Press:

ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter has voiced support for President Barack Obama’s plan to stimulate the economy.

Carter says he has “full confidence” in Obama’s proposal and expects it will take about six months for the economy to begin improving.

Can’t you just smell the days of 21% Prime Interest rates all over again?  Before Obama get’s done with tax increases to pay for all this shit, we’ll be working for “Peanuts”.

From what I understand, Rev Jim Jones had high approval ratings right up to the very end, and like the Moonbat Messiah, he promised to nourish everybody and take care of them right up to the bitter end.

How bout a trip down memory lane………


The Three Stooges Of Economics: Dumb, Dumber & WTF Were We As A Nation Thinking?!?


Dumb, Dumber & What The Fuck Were We Thinking?!?

Dumb, Dumber & What The Fuck Were We Thinking?!?

Look, it’s the Three Stooges of Economics.  This shit is like a bad comedy & more closely resembles Larry, Moe & Curley trying to add 2+2 and coming up with 1.

What do you get when you add 1 incompetent Governor from Michigan + 1 Senator with a shotgun mouth and a bb gun ass + 1 Empty Headed Empty Suit with a Messiah Complex?  It equals total disaster and will prove to be a EPIC FAILURE!

Thank you, thank you….I’m here for the next four years. Try the veal!