The Hero & The Zero

Thank G-d this brave woman was nearby when the Islamic Terrorist began his attack on our Soldiers….

The Hero She managed to cap the Muslim Terrorist before he was able to cause even more death and destruction despite her getting shot multiple times.  She truly is a Hero.

And I would like to give a shout out to Chairman Zero who’s total lack of tact and dignity in the face of a tragic attack against American Citizens makes him come out as a huge douchebag shadowed only by the Islamoturd that killed 13 Americans…..This one’s for you Asshole……

Chairman Zero

I really have more use for tits on a bull then I do for Barack Hussein Obama.  Truly he will go down in history as an Epic Failure surpassing even Jimmy Carter.


The Michelle Obama Action-less Figure

Remember the movie I Robot…..Cumming to a Town Hall Meeting near you to take away quality health care from you and your family….Michelle Obama, the actionless figure for emasculated liberal weenies everywhere….

Chewbacka Action Figure

From the State Operated Chicago Tribune:

Coming soon: a 6-inch plastic doll of Michelle Obama for $12.99, being billed as an "action figure."
Sculptor Jason Feinberg of Brooklyn, N.Y., who’s behind the dolls, admits the term "action figure" is used loosely. The first lady, after all, is featured in nothing more lethal than her trademark sleeveless dresses (and enviable biceps).
Buyers may choose from among the purple dress she had on when the Obamas shared their campaign "fist bump," the red-and-black number from election night in Grant Park, or the black-and-white floral frock she favored for her appearance on "The View."

Obi None Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize For ……

….doing absofuckinglutely not a fucking thing but fuck this fucking country the fuck up and kowtow to our fucking fuck fuck enemies and giving a few teleprompter aided speeches.

So with that being said, I couldn’t help but do my part to shit it up for Chairman Zero and splooge on the award. 

 I can haz a peace prize and of course we couldn’t let this go without a few words from everyone’s favorite honkey hater…….


I can probably go out and find one at the bottom of a box of Frosted Flakes!

Once again the empty headed empty suit provides us with more laughs then a Nancy Pelosi & Barney Frank Porno movie.


Community Organizer VS Real American Hero

Empty Headed Empty Suit


Real American Hero

The empty headed empty suit unfortunately will be the likely winner and real heroes and true leaders will come out the losers.  Obama’s failure to lead and a lack of desire to win will bring about the death of many American Soldiers.

Timothy Geithner To Be Thrown Under Obama’s Bus?

Epic Fail In Progress  Rumors are flying around Washington that Treasury Secretary Timmah Geithner is about to become yet another victim of Obama’s bus and be tossed under and offered up as a human sacrifice to the Liberal Messiah Barack Hussein Obama.

This is exactly what you get when you put a tax cheat in charge of taxpayer money….Epic Failure.  I would have felt safer putting Bill Clinton in charge of a whore house. 

From NewsBusters:

Is President Barack Obama’s administration showing hints it is losing confidence in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner? CNBC’s Larry Kudlow said the signs are suggesting as much.

The host of "The Kudlow Report" said in an appearance with CNBC On-Air Editor Charlie Gasparino on his March 17 broadcast that a statement put out earlier today by the administration, and placed at the top of the Drudge Report, hinted this was the beginning of the end for Geithner.

"You know, statements out of the blue – statements like this are what I call a real bad leading indicator that Geithner’s time, days may be numbered," Kudlow said. "It may not happen in the next week, but it may happen."

The statement was made in relation to the Treasury Department’s handling of the brouhaha surrounding the $165 million in bonuses paid out to American International Group (AIG) executives, even though they were recipients of bailout money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

The schmuck couldn’t even pay his own taxes and the Moonbat Messiah, who I think has been slurping his own koolaid, put Geithner in charge of our country’s tax dollars.  Who is the bigger schmuck?  The schmuck who cheated on his taxes or the schmuck who hired the tax cheat?

trifecta of failure 2