Friday Funny: Internet Porn By Da Vinci’s Notebook

Musical Hilarity from the Bob & Tom Show

Bikers wearing diapers chasing nurses dressed like smurfs? I think I have offically heard everything now, till of course the Moonbat Messiah has another unscripted thought.

Head Of State: An Erection/Election To Remember!

Commemorative Plates, Coins, Posters, t-shirts, hats, and drink ware.  You name it, this guys mug is all over it and people are buying this shit up.  He’s like the 21st century version of the Cabbage Patch doll.  Remember how parents were kicking each others heads in over that crap years ago?   But this is the ultimate.  I believe that with this item, he becomes an Icon.  The image of the Obamessiah is now a Dildo!  Now we know where Chris Matthews got that “Thrill up his leg” from!

I present to you, The Head of State!


With a golden color and firm, smooth feel, the Head O State will stand upright and last all night!  Ask for “The Big O” at your favorite porn shop today while supplies last.

  • Stands 7-1/2 inches tall, nearly 2 inches in diameter
  • Weighs approx. 14 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from fine, TPR, Phthalate-free rubber
  • Waterproof
  • Enviromentally Friendly-No batteries required

I picture Obama more as a butt plug then a pussy pleaser though.  Judging by his economic policy and his desire to close down Club Gitmo only proves that his head is up his ass.


Comes in Democrat Blue or laughing so hard I pissed my pants Yellow.

Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews both swear by these items and give their 100% endorsement of this and it’s sold in all 57 states!


Listen to what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Washington Politicians had to say about Obama the Dildo:

“Buy me and you’ll get an earful!”

“This one’s fully vetted.”

“Everybody knows politics is a contact sport.”

“Drill, baby, drill!”

“Promises not to flip-flop!”

“I bought two… emission accomplished.”

“Turn your bedroom into the Lincoln bedroom.”

“I’ve had one stuck in me since ’82.”

“In order to form a more perfect union…”

And what about Nancy Pelosi?

What Does Nancy Pelosi Think About Obama the Dildo?

What Does Nancy Pelosi Think About Obama the Dildo?

San Fran Nan is opening up to the new Head O State!

Michelle Obama’s Hatchet Wound

Look below the fold to see why I dedicated this song to new First Lady Michelle Obama

Who’d a thunk.. Michelle Obama has a little meat between the sheets, take a look at this unflattering photo.

I see your camel toe!

I see your camel toe!


Hatchet Wound

Calling Michelle Obama a *class act* is a real reach. Meet the new First Lady of the United States of America!

I can’t remember Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush or even Hillary Clinton going out in public dressed like this. First Lady *Camel Toe* is just NOT something that translates to *classy*…

I Would Like To Dedicate This Song To President Elect Barack Hussein Obama

Just because I’m not feeling good does not mean my sick and twisted sense of humor has been put to sleep after all, laughter is the best medicine as I’ve been told.  So seeing the Fairness Doctrine has not yet been forced down our throats so in the spirit of better health and in all “Fairness” to our President Elect, I believe I should dedicate one of my favorite songs to him and all those he surrounds himself with.

I believe this song says it all…………..

Exclusive: Up Skirt Photo’s Of Nancy Pelosi!

A friend of mine bet me that I wouldn’t do this…..

Never before seen anywhere else!  Don’t lie, I know you’ve all thought about it at one time or another.  Now you finally have the answer to that age old question….”What’s hiding up Nancy Pelosi’s Skirt?
Look What's Hiding Up Nancy Pelosi's Skirt!

Look What's Hiding Up Pelosi's Skirt!

Ten years of working for the Michigan Dept. Of Corrections gave me this twisted sense of humor.  6 months of “Booty Duty” gave me all the time in the world to hone and sharpen this sick wit.  Look Ma, no hands!
Check out the next one below the fold….. Approach With Extreme Caution. Not intended for people with heart conditions or history of stroke…Viewer discretion is advised… NSFW but funny as hell.

Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

This had to be the utmost hilarious sign supporting Barack Obama for President. The Ionia Exit 67 off I-96 in Michigan has this little joint where you can get your truck towed and get a table dance called Shirley’s Backroom.  My 16 yr old son and I were going to visit my mom who happens to be a huge Obama supporter when we came upon this sign.


Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

Just a little history on this place….Some guy in Ionia who was pissed off at the establishment decided to go against the grain of the whole community and opened a strip joint along with his Truck Towing business.  What makes this even better is that the guy named it after his Mom!  And yes, she was alive and well when this all took place some 10 yrs ago and even use to work in the place.  Not as a dancer but taking money at the door.  $10 would get you a cup of coffee and a donut along with a girl to talk to you, but if you wanted her to dance and get nekid for you, that was extra of course.  


Shirley's Backroom Towing & Strip Joint

Shirley's Backroom Towing & Strip Joint

I know what your saying, how do I know so much about this place?  I am a former resident of Ionia, Michigan and being involved with the law enforcement community at one time, I made it a point to know everything I needed to know without ever once setting one foot inside.

My mom has been working tirelessly for the Obama campaign (I think I may have been adopted) and avoid at all costs discussing politics with my mom so I just didn’t see the point of telling her about this, although my son and I got a huge laugh especially at all the Obama signs out at the front of the road leading up to the place.

If your ever broke down and need a tow and lap dance, be sure to stop in at Shirley’s Backroom.  Perhaps they have Billy Idol’s “Barack the cradle of love”  Or you can get a personalized peep show to “Barack Me Gently”.  On that happy note……………………….Good f’n night!

Joking Around About Obama

Have you noticed the lack of jokes about the Obamessiah?  It surely cannot be for the lack of material in which to work with, lord knows that between the 57 states in America and the 10,000 dead people in Kansas, the guy has proven himself to be a walking gaffe machine.

I found some jokes at a website called “A true Obamanation”

Joke 1
Why did Barack Obama cross the road?
Because there was not a body of water nearby for him to walk over.

Joke 2
Did you hear that Obama is currently in the Gulf?
Yep, Mexico has no idea what to do with him.

Joke 3
Did you hear Obama wants to supply the Marines with 1,000 new septic tanks?
When they learn how to drive them, he wants to use them to invade Pakistan.

Joke 4
How many Obama fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
Twelve – 1 to blame it on Bush, 4 to form a committee, 6 to find and pack the bong, and 1 to call an electrician.

Joke 5
Have you heard that joke about Obama?
Well odds are he has, because his ears are freaking huge.

And here are some others I found searching around Al Gore’s Invention below the fold

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