Darwin Claims A Vidiot!

Now for some not so political, and definately not Politically Correct News……

I make no apologies about it….I hate video games!  My son’s love to play them.  My ex wife was a vidiot as well.  She would sit for hours upon hours while I was working at the prison playing video games while the house fell in disarray around her.  To justify my statement, she once told me that she attributes my youngest son’s good driving skills to the fact that he plays video games! 

A teenage boy apparently throwing a temper tantrum because mommy and daddy took away the X Box 360 that he so dearly loved because he was beginning to act strangely.

From Yahoo News:

A teenage boy who ran away from home last month after his Xbox was confiscated has been found dead in Canada.

Brandon Crisp, 15, went missing on October 14 after his father forbade him from playing his video game console after becoming concerned about the teenager’s obsession with the online game Call of Duty 4.

Steve Crisp said he removed the Xbox 360 after his son’s behaviour began to change. He said Brandon’s grades were slipping, he had started skipping school and stealing money.

Brandon fled his home on his bicycle and was last seen in a popular hiking and cycling path near Barrie, Ontario, north of Toronto.

A local newspaper and Xbox creators Microsoft offered a $C50,000 reward (27,000pounds) and 1600 volunteers searched the local area, but all they found was his abandoned bicycle with a flat tyre.

Brandon’s body was found by hunters in a cornfield on Wednesday.

He warned other parents to be wary of how obsessive children can get with video games. Experts commented that gamers may form bonds with fellow online players, and Brandon’s parents said they were concerned he may have been lured away.

“This had become his identity, and I didn’t realize how in-depth this was until I took his Xbox away,” Mr Crisp told the Globe and Mail. “That’s like cutting his legs off.”

“This is such an issue that hits every parent out there, with video games that are starting to control our kids’ lives,” he said.

“I just took away his identity, so I can understand why he got so mad and took off. Before, I couldn’t understand why he was taking off for taking his game away.”

I feel for the parents.  I could not imagine losing one of my sons or my daughter, but on the other hand, a video game is no substitute for human contact or the love and affection of a parent.  I know of people that have gotten so caught up in their online lives that they lose touch with the real world but there is something seriously wrong with a kid who takes his own life over a freaking video game. 

I am a believer in the Theory of Creation, but there really is something to be said about Darwin’s Theory of Survival of the Fittest. 

Iran Surrenders In Face Of Jewish Might In Beijing Olympic Games

Probably out of fear of being hanged or tortured by the Islamic idiots who rule Iran, an Iranian swimmer showed the true face of Islamic Cowerdace by backing out of an Olympic Swimming event in which he was up against an Israeli competitor.

From Breitbart.Com

An Iranian swimmer pulled out of the Olympic Games men’s 100m breaststroke heats on Saturday, just minutes before he was due to compete against an Israeli rival. Mohammad Alirezaei’s lane one was empty when the field left the starting blocks while Israel’s Tom Beeri, starting in lane seven, finished fourth.

Israel, the Middle East region’s sole if undeclared nuclear power, considers Iran its main strategic threat because of its nuclear programme and repeated predictions of the Jewish state’s demise by senior Iranian leaders.

It would appear that the Iranian olympic team is being trained by either the French Military or the Democratic National Committee for they seem to have the same tactic in the face of adversity.  Quit, surrender, retreat, we cannot win is the same banner carried by Obama, Pelosi, and Murtha.

At least he pulled out, which is probably what John Edwards should have done!  I truly believe that the Iranian sissies would probably get their asses handed to them by even a bunch of Jewish Girls!  I highly doubt this was out of “Solidarity” with Palestinians, it was more likely a case of this Iranian/Islamic schmuck not being able to bear the thought of loosing to of all people…..A Joooo!


Shalom Bitches!