Were Your Parents Brotha & Sista?

obama failure

All of your ancestors must number in the millions; it’s hard to believe that many people are to blame for producing you.


Empty Headed Empty Suits Makes Empty Threats!

If the Messiah of the Democratic Party could pull his head out of his own ass long enough he would have realized what dumbass he really is and would not have made such a bone headed statement.  Proof positive that there isn’t a pill you can take, not a surgical procedure to have……You can’t fix stupid, and stupid is foreva!

From HotAir:

The United States, Europe and all other concerned countries must stand united in condemning this aggression, and seeking a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We should continue to push for a United Nations Security Council Resolution calling for an immediate end to the violence. This is a clear violation of the sovereignty and internationally recognized borders of Georgia – the UN must stand up for the sovereignty of its members, and peace in the world.

From Obama’s lips to G-d’s ears.  Obama probably thinks that Georgia is one of the 57 states.   But do not fear Kool Aid drinkers. The Almighty One, Obama has spoken and I’m quite sure that Putin is quaking in his boots and pulling his tanks back as we speak. (Crickets chirping)

But wait, McCain himself had a “Here’s Your Sign” moment.


The United States and our allies should continue efforts to bring a resolution before the UN Security Council condemning Russian aggression, noting the withdrawal of Georgian troops from South Ossetia, and calling for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgian territory. We should move ahead with the resolution despite Russian veto threats, and submit Russia to the court of world public opinion.

Making dumbass statements like this, McCain better come announce a running mate that energizes the Conservatives in this country or many like myself might just decide not to vote for the lesser of two evils and instead write in “None Of The Above”.  I have come to realize that the lesser of two evils is just that…..EVIL!