More Vermin In The White House

A fly can always find a pile of shit somewhere.  In this case, a fly that managed to escape the ninja like moves of President Kick Ass landed right on his mug and was photographed.

shit for brains

A fly lands on President Barack Obama’s face as he delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act and the New Patients Bill of Rights, Tuesday, June 22, 2010, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Click Here

Flies are naturally drawn to shit, so it just goes to prove my point that the Schmuck in Chief has Shit for Brains.

Kippah Tip to Weasel Zippers

Michelle Obama Eat This!

We all know that Michelle Obama is on a Crusade against Obesity.  The West Michigan Whitecaps in Grand Rapids, Michigan are fighting back with their new menu for this upcoming season.  Fans are voting on the new items to be placed on the menu.

From MLive:

1. Chicken and Waffles – Why did the chicken cross the road? To lie down on a bed of waffles, get smothered in gravy and get eaten by you, of course!

2. Chili Mac Tacos – Think comfort food that took a trip to Mexico. Creamy mac and cheese is smothered in chili then loaded into a hard taco shell to create a taste experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

3. Chocolate Covered Bacon – This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and this little piggy dunked itself in chocolate to become a delicious treat for Whitecaps fans!

4. Corn Dog o’ Plenty – If the Idaho Christmas Tree isn’t enough corn dog for you, then try the Corn Dog o’ Plenty. A full half-pound, footlong frank that is battered and deep fried to make one gigantic corn dog.

5. Cudighi Yooper Sandwich – If you don’t know what this one is then you haven’t been to the Upper Peninsula. Cudighi is a spicy sausage found throughout the U.P. A sausage patty, smothered in cheese, pizza sauce, peppers and onions could grace the concession stands of Fifth Third Ballpark.

6. Declaration of Indigestion – When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to disband from the tyranny of healthy eating, they should consume the Declaration of Indigestion. You see, all sandwiches are not created equal as this half-pound, footlong hot dog is covered in a philly cheese steak (steak, cheese, peppers and onions) and served on a gigantic sub roll. It is certainly your unalienable right to consume one of these in the pursuit of happiness.

7. Idaho Christmas Tree – Why waste your time eating all of your favorite items separately? This is a batter-dipped hot dog rolled in french fries and deep fried to create the perfect limbed link on stick.

8. Poutine – A real treat from North of the border. The French Canadians have done it again, and this time with gravy. Fries, fried cheese curds and gravy make up this delectable side dish. Tres bien!

9. The Pink Panther – Not sure if this is named after the famous detective or the insulation, but either way it’s delicious. Take a hot dog bun, slather it in icing and fill it with pink cotton candy. Maybe drizzle some root beer syrup over the top for good measure. It’s the dessert dog you’ll have to try this summer!

10. Twinkie Cheese Dog – This dog can survive any disaster and it might cause a few of its own. Simple – a hot dog laid in a Twinkie, covered in cheese. Yum.

H/T Doug Ross

Religion of Death: Muslims Find New & More Inovative Ways To Kill


Today’s lesson from the Islamic Book of Die Mother Fucker, Die (Koran)…..

From the Herald Sun:

A 2008 federal law banned the storage of fertilised human eggs due to religion-based concerns over “mixing in the lineage” between families, the English-language Khaleej Times said.

It did not elaborate, but Islam calls for children to know the identity of their biological parents and to take their biological father’s name.

Eggs can be fertilised outside the womb during IVF, which produces excess fertilised eggs that can be frozen for future use.

An estimated 5000 fertilised eggs are stored at the state-owned Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre, the only centre in the Gulf state allowed to perform IVF, Khaleej Times said.

Another 5000 fertilised eggs are believed to be stored at Al Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, around 150km south-east of the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi, the paper said.

A FERTILITY clinic in Dubai will next week dispose of about 5000 human embryos on religious grounds.

No wonder the liberal democrats love these guys so much….Muslims place the same value on life as do Democrats.  This would fit right in with Chairman Obama’s Health Care  plan.

CBS Confirms That Obama Is Unprecedented Failure

Unprecedented Failure of Epic Proportions

The numbers are in folks and even the Koolaid Slurpers at CBS are confirming it….Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States is a unprecedented and epic failure!

From CBS:

The Economy

F: 70.22%

Foreign Policy

F: 61.66%

Health Care

F: 81.49%


F: 31.32%


F: 35.72%

Threat of Terrorism

F: 65.35%

Energy and the Environment

F: 59.00%

Social Issues

F: 57.46%


F: 80.65%

Obama’s Overall Job as President

F: 63.22%

Surrounded by corrupt and incompetant people who are advising him. He may be a brilliant speaker with a teleprompter but is a stuttering idiot when speaking off the cuff.   The man does not have the ability or experience to govern.

I have witnessed Presidents come and go in my 44 yrs  and he is by far the worst I have seen, worse then Carter and I remember what a cowardly schmuck he was. 

He is allowing assholes like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to govern our country while he runs around the world making a mockery of the United States bowing, apologizing and making himself and America look weak.  He is out of touch with the Majority of Citizens in this country and has no respect for our Nation, it’s beliefs and our Flag.

Rogue Jew Exclusive: X-Ray Of Obama’s Brain

I did it!  I got my hands on the most recent x-ray and diagram of Barack Obama’s head.  Weeks and weeks of negotiations and hundreds of man hours were exhausted to get my greedy little Joooish paws on these.

Obama's Brain

Obama Brain 2

After consulting with a team of physicians and radiologists who would prefer to remain anonymous it was conclusive….The one term senator from Illinois who fooled an entire nation into giving him the most important job in the world has Shit for Brains which ironically explains his ignorant, narrow minded and profane way he has lead this country toward ruin and why he will be a one term President destined to go down in history as a Failure of epic proportions.


Pimpin Is Easy

Just ask Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Although her price to fuck America was $300 million dollars.

Pimpin Is Easy

From The Bayou Buzz

“The Louisiana Purchase”, and even worse epitaphs.

That is what some of the media writing and talking heads are calling it.

One column called Harry Reid and President Obama pimps and Senator Mary Landrieu, a prostitute.

For a moment, let us take a deep breath and realized what occurred on Saturday and the days before the health care vote.

Yes, Mary Landrieu was able to insert language in the Senate health care bill that allowed for a 300-million benefit to the state which would have meant that Louisiana would not be hooked for unfair Medicaid expenditures due to Katrina and Rita. The 300-million would fill a gaping hole in the state’s budget for a state that is already poor and which is looking at a budget shortfall of one billion dollars for next year and if it had not been for the stimulus, Louisiana and Governor Jindal would be approximately two billion dollars in the shorts–this upcoming year.

So all it cost for a whore from Louisiana living it high on the hog on the taxpayer dime in DC to be gang fucked by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama is $300 million?  And it’s not even their own money, it’s ours?  I say they paid to much for a second rate swamp fuck like Landrieu.

Barack Obama: The Vagina Nazi

It appears to me that under ObamaCare, that the elderly and women are the ones taking the biggest hits in the rationing of Health Care Services if Obama and his cast of idiots were to have their way.

As of late, women in general are taking it up the ass with the new guidlelines outlining when and how often a woman should have pap smears and mammograms.

Well, of course I could not let that go and thus yet another of my paintshop creations is born!

I present to you, Barack Hussein Obama, The Vagina Nazi! Version 1 and 2!

The Vagina Nazi

Vagina Nazi 2 Please by all means copy these and send them to your friends and enemies!


The Future Of Health Care In The USSA

You think your current health insurance provider is a pain in the ass now, wait till incompetent assholes like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank get their mits on your health care…This bunch of bumbling fucks could screw up a wet dream.

Obamacare Under ObamaCare, you won’t be turning your head and coughing, this fucking douchtastic moron will have you grabbing your ankles.

Obama’s Picture Of Health

From Gateway Pundit:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted this photo essay showing the HUGE lines of people being forced to wait outside in the rain for flu shots.

Photo six is posted below- Mike O’Keefe brought a plywood sign, “Welcome to Government health care.

”Mike O’Keefe thinks a health care overhaul would lead to more long lines like the flu shot lines at Cedarburg High School.

Of course I had to put my own personal little touch on the picture…..

Obama's picture of health