Sharia Watch: Taxpayer Paid Islamic School In Minnesota

While receiving tax dollars from the Infidels, a public school pretending to be Non Religious has been exposed by one of it’s own teachers as a Tax Payer funded Islamic Religious School.

From The Star Tribune:

Amanda Getz of Bloomington is a substitute teacher. She worked as a substitute in two fifth-grade classrooms at TIZA on Friday, March 14. Her experience suggests that school-sponsored religious activity plays an integral role at TIZA.

Arriving on a Friday, the Muslim holy day, she says she was told that the day’s schedule included a “school assembly” in the gym after lunch.

Before the assembly, she says she was told, her duties would include taking her fifth-grade students to the bathroom, four at a time, to perform “their ritual washing.”

Afterward, Getz said, “teachers led the kids into the gym, where a man dressed in white with a white cap, who had been at the school all day,” was preparing to lead prayer. Beside him, another man “was prostrating himself in prayer on a carpet as the students entered.”

“The prayer I saw was not voluntary,” Getz said. “The kids were corralled by adults and required to go to the assembly where prayer occurred.”

Islamic Studies was also incorporated into the school day. “When I arrived, I was told ‘after school we have Islamic Studies,’ and I might have to stay for hall duty,” Getz said. “The teachers had written assignments on the blackboard for classes like math and social studies. Islamic Studies was the last one — the board said the kids were studying the Qu’ran. The students were told to copy it into their planner, along with everything else. That gave me the impression that Islamic Studies was a subject like any other.”

After school, Getz’s fifth-graders stayed in their classroom and the man in white who had led prayer in the gym came in to teach Islamic Studies. TIZA has in effect extended the school day — buses leave only after Islamic Studies is over. Getz did not see evidence of other extra-curricular activity, except for a group of small children playing outside. Significantly, 77 percent of TIZA parents say that their “main reason for choosing TIZA … was because of after-school programs conducted by various non-profit organizations at the end of the school period in the school building,” according to a TIZA report. TIZA may be the only school in Minnesota with this distinction.

If this had been a Yeshiva or a Christian school, the ACLU and Liberals would have been all over it like stink on a turd.  I’m waiting for the teachers union to support her firing and more then likely a Fatwa issued for her intolerance of a intolerant religion.

No American flag flies outside of this public school.

State law requires the school to fly an American flag during school hours, however no flag flies outside of TIZA Academy.

Happy Birthday To The Cartoon Like Prophet Mohammad!


It has come to my attention that today is the Birthday of the man who founded the Religion of Inolerance and Perpetual Outrage, Mohammad/Muhammad!

In honor of the man who brought so much to the world such as Suicide Bombs, Beheadings, Honor Killings, Genital Mutilation,Outrage, Intolerance, Global Terrorism, Murder, Mayhem, Rape, Airline Hijackings, and the continuation of Genocidal Behavior against anyone who disagrees with them, I would just like to say, from all of us here at Rogue Jew Publishing and all of the members of the Vast Global Zionist Conspiracy, we would like to wish you a………………………

Happy Birthday Mohammad

You do the math!

Thanks once again for all of the fond memories we have of you and what you have brought to this world!

Cartoon Jihad: Mo Toons Of Mohammad


It seems that Islamic Terror Leader Obama bin Laden, er I mean Osama bin Laden and his fellow members of the Religion of Intolerance have gotten their panties in a twist over the Mohammad Cartoons and is throwing threats in the direction of Europe over their allowing Danish Cartoonist to depict drawings of the Cartoon Like Prophet Mohammad/Muhammad.

From Michelle Malkin:

Osama bin Laden warned in a new audiotape of a “severe” reaction for Europeans’ publication of cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in what experts saw as a direct threat of a new attack in Europe.

The message, posted late Wednesday on a militant Web site that has carried al-Qaida statements in the past and bore the logo of the extremist group’s media wing al-Sahab, showed a still image of bin Laden aiming with an assault rifle.

“The response will be what you see and not what you hear and let our mothers bereave us if we do not make victorious our messenger of God,” said a voice believed to be bin Laden’s, without specifying what action would be taken.

…The five-minute message, bin Laden’s first this year, made no mention of the fifth anniversary Wednesday of the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq.

In response to the Moronic Muslims of Mayhem I offer this little work of art I found in my travels of the world wide web: