I Can Haz A Gubmit Cheezburger?

I believe this speaks volumes about Obama’s Golden Turd being thrust upon us by Nancy Pelosi and her Partner in Crime, Harry Reid.

i can haz a gubmit cheezburger

Smile you two assholes and say, “Gubmit Cheeze!”

Exclusive: Up Skirt Photo’s Of Nancy Pelosi!

A friend of mine bet me that I wouldn’t do this…..

Never before seen anywhere else!  Don’t lie, I know you’ve all thought about it at one time or another.  Now you finally have the answer to that age old question….”What’s hiding up Nancy Pelosi’s Skirt?
Look What's Hiding Up Nancy Pelosi's Skirt!

Look What's Hiding Up Pelosi's Skirt!

Ten years of working for the Michigan Dept. Of Corrections gave me this twisted sense of humor.  6 months of “Booty Duty” gave me all the time in the world to hone and sharpen this sick wit.  Look Ma, no hands!
Check out the next one below the fold….. Approach With Extreme Caution. Not intended for people with heart conditions or history of stroke…Viewer discretion is advised… NSFW but funny as hell.

Dear Nancy Pelosi

Re: Change

Dear Nancy Pelosi, Spokesperson for the Democratic Party,

While you vacation you should make preparations for a new job because you
have screwed us, your EMPLOYERS for the last time. Your party’s choice for
president said we want CHANGE He is right!

I can’t Waite to vote to through you arrogant, worthless, wind bags OUT
OF OFFICE. CHANGE YOU BET!  NANCY is so much into her roll as the QUEEN
she forgot who she is working for. Harry doesn’t even know that the WAR IS
NOT LOST! Debbie A. Stabenow,  Carl Levin If anyone votes for you two
Well! They must be from another planet… I will do all I can to remove
you both from office. The demarcates action is an act of treason!!

Destroying the country by any action is still treason!! The Demorcats are
so arrogant that they think they will sweep all the seats in congress.

Well people wake up and smell the coffee, ITS THE DEMORCATS WHO ARE
RUNNING THE CONGRESS. The Republicans blew there chances for a long time,
but What is happening with Nancy and Harry is beyond anything any enemy of
America could ever dream of.



The Rogue Jew