Sorry About My Absence

Things have been real freaking busy where I work at in recent weeks and by the time I get home, the only thing I felt like doing was kicking my feet up and watching a rerun of NCIS or the NASCAR race on the weekend.  Someone, after all has to pay for all this Stimulating Hope & Change that the Moonbat Messiah has promised everyone.  Someone has to keep working to pay for all of these bad mortgages that irresponsible people got themselves into and refinanced 110% of the equity in that home to buy that 72 inch plasma tv and the X-Box that will further meltdown their minds into goo and mush.

Hopefully, this week I’ll get myself back on track.  More coffee is needed!  Right now, I think I’ll kick back with a nice Turkish coffee and a pastry and contemplate this afternoons Kobalt Tools 500 from Atlanta Motor Speedway and make sure I have my Fantasy NASCAR team picks ready.

Tomorrow night begins the holiday of Purim for all you fellow Jews.  For you Goyim, Purim, like Hanukkah can be described in about 10 words….”They tried to kill us, we won, Let’s Eat!”.

Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Give A Shit About The Superbowl?

I admit it…I’m not that big a football fanatic.  On sunday’s, I would rather watch a NCIS marathon on USA Network then watch a football game in between the NASCAR seasons which by the way the Daytona 500 is in 13 Days, 23 hours, and 17 minutes and counting.

Anyway, I’m going to finish my yearend tax stuff, run to the store, and rent a movie to watch.

For those of you who do like the football event of the year…ENJOY!

Crash & Burn: Biden’s NASCAR Talk Hits The Wall In North Carolina

Bitter Americans still clinging to their guns, faith and NASCAR were not so receptive to Joe “Paying More Taxes Is Patriotic” Biden when he spoke to a crowd of NASCAR fans in North Carolina.

From FOX News:

CHARLOTTE, NC — Give Joe Biden credit for trying.

In the heart of NASCAR country, the Delaware Senator’s attempt to speak the lingo fell flat like one of Kyle Busch’s tires.

“We’ve got a big NASCAR track up in my state at Dover Downs. But here in Charlotte you know racing a lot better than anybody in the country. I know that. So I’ll talk a little bit in terms of racing terms,” Biden told the young crowd at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

“Right now, our campaigns are trading a little paint. But, uh, what worries me most is the McCain campaign seems to have gotten a little loose.”


“Um, and, uh I can tell you — not a lot of NASCAR fans in here,” Biden said.

That didn’t stop him from keeping the metaphor going. “You know that term getting a little loose on the, you know, when you’re out there going 185 miles an hour, getting a little loose? Well John’s getting a little loose. He doesn’t have much of a steady hand these days.”

“And now, and now’s the time, now’s the time we most need a steady hand.”

The RNC responded with a garbled metaphor of its own. “Joe Biden is being loose with his ‘rhetorical flourishes’ again,” said spokesman Alex Conant. “If the campaigns are ‘trading paint’ as Biden said, let’s remember that Obama struck first and ran the most negative ads.”

“To offer a more accurate NASCAR analogy than Biden did: If Obama wins, he will raise taxes and our economy will go from a yellow to red flag.”

I just love it when Joe “Gaffalot” Biden speaks without a script.  Him and Obama slip up more and more the closer this race becomes.  At this point, I think Joe is “Biden” his time on the track and is simply waiting for the yellow flag to come out.

The humor of a Washington elitist POS trying to talk to mainstream Americans is enormous.  Next I want to see Biden go to the murder capitol, Chicago and speak to some Vice Lords and Black Ganster Disciples and use Ebonics! 

I’m wating for Chairman Obama to throw the Black Flag on Biden “MotorMouth Sports” and disqualify him from running his mouth at future NASCAR events where unfriendly bitter Americans who don’t feel that paying more taxes is patriotic.  I think Biden’s “Lug” nuts have dropped off and Obama’s going to send his dumb ass to the Garage.  Joe Biden is to American Politics, what Buckshot Jones is to NASCAR Racing….A Huge Loser who causes Huge Wrecks!

NASCAR, contrary to the opinion of the Elitist Liberal Left is not the KKK on wheels. They have had a major drive for diversity, and work harder at that than any other sport. NASCAR Fans and Drivers alike are also the most kind hearted, dedicated humanitarians you can possibly find.

Kyle Petty has a camp called Victory Junction in North Carolina that hosts terminally ill children at no cost. While the kids are there all medical bills are taken care of including their prescriptions. Its available to all kids regardless of color, creed, religion or ethnicity. Jeff Gordon raises and contributes millions of dollars a year, he sponsors a hospital wing in NC, and another in MA, for children with cancer.

Kyle Petty and the entire Hendricks teams are the leading crusaders for bone marrow registry and Team Owner Rick Hendrick works tirelessly for the cause of leukemia, and he does NOT ask what your skin color is before he offers to help.

Ryan Newman works on behalf of homeless and abused animals. Every single driver in Nascar works tirelessly to help people in their community. Both Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon also work and raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Jimmy Johnson last year donated his winnings to the people who were burned out of their homes in CA. Kyle Bush did the same thing to help the victims of Katrina.

Jewish Race Car Driver Describes Anti-Semitism In NASCAR

Race car driver Jon Denning isn’t your usual redneck speed freak that you see trading rubber on the NASCAR circuit. Much like Jeff Gordon & Jimmy Johnson, he hails from a completely different part of America. He’s a Jew from New Jersey who is finding it difficult to rise to the top in a sport that is dominated by Bible Thumping White Christian Males.

From YNET News:

The cars are all lined up, revving their engines, sending the RPM gauge into the red zone – ready to take off once the flags start waving. The driver of car 46, Jon Denning, takes out a small notecard as he waits for the go-signal and begins quietly uttering the Hebrew lyrics of the Traveler’s Prayer: “May it be Your will, Lord, My God and God of my ancestors, to lead me, to direct my steps, and to support me in peace. Lead me in life, tranquil and serene, until I arrive at where I am going.”

Seconds later, the signal is given, Denning slams on the gas pedal and his adrenaline goes into overdrive as the race gets off to a start.

Denning, a 20-year-old Jewish-American from New Jersey, stands out from the crowd of NASCAR drivers by virtue of his religious orientation. Although he doesn’t label himself “religious,” he is very proud of being Jewish and claims that his connection to Judaism is only becoming stronger with time.

NASCAR racing has become very popular in the American South, which is mostly inhabited by devout evangelical Christians. Denning is the only Jewish driver in the competitions.

Denning says he isn’t ashamed of his religious identity and doesn’t hide it from fellow drivers – but it often makes him feel like an outsider.
For the past three years, Denning has left his home in New Jersey during the NASCAR season, which lasts from March to November, to go to Virginia in order to compete.

Northern pretty boy Jeff Gordon broke through several barriers as the California kid who crashed the party and has won 4 NASCAR Championships and surpassed NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr with a total of 81 career wins. But then again, Jeff Gordon is a born again Christian.

I have been a huge NASCAR Fan for years and I have been a huge fan of #24 Jeff Gordon since he came into the big league of the Sprint Cup which then was the Winston Cup. I am openly disappointed by such reports and I am torn about my loyalty to a sport that wants to include minorities, except of course the Jews.

Denning stated that people in the sport have tried to convert him to Christianity saying he would have better luck if he would just believe in Jesus Christ. But, “I’m a Jew and I will remain a Jew,” Denning proclaims.

“I try to gently respond to those who try to convert me and change subject. They don’t’ always understand that they’re doing something that is not OK — aggressive. They think they’re doing a good thing.”

Denning started 15 races and finished in the top five three times and in the top 10 seven times. According to, he finished 498th among 500 racers in last year’s standings.

He said he has had trouble finding corporate sponsorship and acknowledges that he wonders occasionally if it is because he is an outsider — as a Northerner and a Jew.

Hey Jon, here are some ideas for sponsorship on your car.

Jewish NASCAR Sponsorship