Message To Iran: America Fuck Yeah!

Just a little message to Iranian President Ahmahomo on the day before Iran takes a swipe at America and Israel….

Cause you know our eunich president Obama doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to say it!

Persian Gulp: Iran Has Enough Enriched Uranium For A Nuke!

Teh Ghey

Teh Ghey

According to the schmucks at the UN (Useless Nations), the Rogue Islamic Nation of Iran now has enough enriched uranium for a Nuclear Weapon.

From Financial Times:

Iran has built up a stockpile of enough enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb, United Nations officials acknowledged on Thursday.

In a development that comes as the Obama administration is drawing up its policy on negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear programme, UN officials said Iran had produced more nuclear material than previously thought.

They said Iran had accumulated more than one tonne of low enriched uranium hexafluoride at a facility in Natanz.

If such a quantity were further enriched it could produce more than 20kg of fissile material – enough for a bomb.

“It appears that Iran has walked right up to the threshold of having enough low enriched uranium to provide enough raw material for a single bomb,” said Peter Zimmerman, a former chief scientist of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

The new figures come in a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, released on Thursday. This revealed that Iran’s production of low enriched uranium had previously been underestimated.

The Jewish State of Israel has been launching a covert war against Iran in an attempt to stop their Apocalyptic Nuclear aspirations sans Military Action, but those options along with time may be running out for the Jewish nation and is bound to strain US/Israeli relations with Obama’s readiness to sit and break bread with the Iranian Midget of Mayhem, Ahmadinejad and talk without preconditions.

Now one has to wonder, how long it will take the Terrorist nation to turn that stockpile of enriched uranium into a nuclear weapon and use it against Israel or the United States while the Obamessiah has his thumb up his ass right next to his head!  But alas, did not the Messiah say that “Iran is a tiny country that is no threat to us”?

Are your loins girded yet?

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Iran Sees Obama As Weak

iran-loves-obamaI know I’m not surprised by this realization by the tyranical Islamic Regime of Iran.   The Iranian Midget and his Islamobuds are only seeing what I’ve seen all along…..The Moonbat Messiah is weak.

From Breitbart:

Iranian politicians frequently refer to the US administration as the “global arrogance”, “domineering power” and “Great Satan”.

In response, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh tirade against the United States, demanding an apology for its “crimes” against Iran and saying he expected “deep and fundamental” change from Obama.

US President Barack Obama’s offer to talk to Iran shows that America’s policy of “domination” has failed, the government spokesman said on Saturday.”This request means Western ideology has become passive, that capitalist thought and the system of domination have failed,” Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency.

“Negotiation is secondary, the main issue is that there is no way but for (the United States) to change,” he added.

After nearly three decades of severed ties, Obama said shortly after taking office this month that he is willing to extend a diplomatic hand to Tehran if the Islamic republic is ready to “unclench its fist”.

The Obamessiah is already demanding an 11% cut in military spending.  The Iranian President’s comments only back up what I’ve been saying all along about Barack Hussein Obama.

Iran Sees Obama As Weak

Iran Sees Obama As Weak

Thanks to Clinton’s military weakness, Osama bin Laden saw the US as a weak paper tiger,  cousin in disarmed Obama bin Dumbass will mimick that same image to the tyrants and dictators of the world.  Iran knows a Jimmy Carter when they see one!

In the words of Joe Biden, “Gird your loins!”

The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama

I still don’t understand why in the world, Jews tend to lean to the liberal left.  At my shul during the High Holidays, I cannot begin to tell you how many Obama bumper stickers I saw in the parking lot, let alone the Obama campaign buttons I noticed people wearing to the Yuntif services.  Oy vey, I was plotzing at the site!

From the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

The Trailer:

All Three Parts can be found below the fold….

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Obama’s Partner In Peace Ahmadinejad Says Israel Won’t Survive

From the Republican Jewish Coalition:

Washington, D.C. (September 19, 2008) — The Associated Press reported yesterday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at Israel on Thursday, saying the Jewish state would not survive, even if it gave up land for a Palestinian state.

He also dismissed allegations that his country is trying to make nuclear arms.Speaking to reporters in Tehran, the hard-line leader smirked at the former mantra of the Israeli right of a “Greater” Israel that would include land Palestinians want for a future state. The idea has since been abandoned, with the Israeli political consensus now being that there would be a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, on either side of Israel.

“I have heard some say the idea of Greater Israel has expired,” Ahmadinejad said. “I say that the idea of lesser Israel has expired, too.”

Ahmadinejad used the news conference to speak at length before traveling to New York to attend the U.N. General Assembly that opened Tuesday.

The Iranian president repeated previous anti-Israel comments, calling the Holocaust a “fake” and saying that Israel is perpetrating a holocaust on the Palestinian people.

Yesterday Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks expressed outrage that the planned “Stop Iran” rally in New York had been hijacked by those with a political agenda.

“A strong effort by the Jewish community to stand up and show the world that we are united in our fight against this madman has been hijacked by those with a political agenda.  We are extremely disappointed that in response to political pressure from partisan organizations, Governor Palin has been disinvited to the “Stop Iran” rally in New York.  We are disappointed that neither Senator Obama nor Senator Biden chose to participate in this important event.  Yet again they have missed an opportunity to stand up to Iran and have their voices heard,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks.  “Senators Obama and Biden and their supporters have handed Ahmadinejad a big win.”

Obama's BFFF


Obama and Partisan Democrats Hand Win to Ahmadenijad

Washington, D.C. (September 18, 2008) — Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today:

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has been quite clear of his intentions to acquire nuclear weapons; his anti-Semitic rants and desire to annihilate Israel are well-known. Today Senators Obama and Biden and their supporters have handed Ahmadenijad a big win.  What should have been a strong effort by the Jewish community to stand up and show the world that we are united in our fight against this madman has instead been hijacked by those with a political agenda.  This is a very sad day for the Jewish community.  We are extremely disappointed that in response to political pressure from partisan organizations, Governor Palin has been disinvited to the “Stop Iran” rally.  In addition, we are disappointed that neither Senator Obama nor Senator Biden chose to participate in this important event.  Yet again they have missed an opportunity to stand up to Iran and have their voices heard.  This is but another example of why Senator Obama continues to have a problem in the Jewish community,” said Brooks.  “In the more than 20 years I have worked in the Jewish community, this is one of the biggest black marks on our community that I can remember.  That we can’t put partisan differences aside to come together on something as important as this is absolutely outrageous.  It is sad and disappointing.”

Sarah Palin On Iran & Israel

Here is an excerpt from Charlie Gibson’s ABC interview with Future Vice President Sarah Palin on her feelings about Israel’s right to defend herself against the Islamofacist Nation of Iran.

Sarah Palin on Iran and Israel:

GIBSON: Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be an existential threat to Israel?

PALIN: I believe that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nuclear weapons in the hands of his government are extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe, yes.

GIBSON: So what should we do about a nuclear Iran? John McCain said the only thing worse than a war with Iran would be a nuclear Iran. John Abizaid said we may have to live with a nuclear Iran. Who’s right?

PALIN: No, no. I agree with John McCain that nuclear weapons in the hands of those who would seek to destroy our allies, in this case, we’re talking about Israel, we’re talking about Ahmadinejad’s comment about Israel being the “stinking corpse, should be wiped off the face of the earth,” that’s atrocious. That’s unacceptable.

GIBSON: So what do you do about a nuclear Iran?

PALIN: We have got to make sure that these weapons of mass destruction, that nuclear weapons are not given to those hands of Ahmadinejad, not that he would use them, but that he would allow terrorists to be able to use them. So we have got to put the pressure on Iran and we have got to count on our allies to help us, diplomatic pressure.

GIBSON: But, Governor, we’ve threatened greater sanctions against Iran for a long time. It hasn’t done any good. It hasn’t stemmed their nuclear program.

PALIN: We need to pursue those and we need to implement those. We cannot back off. We cannot just concede that, oh, gee, maybe they’re going to have nuclear weapons, what can we do about it. No way, not Americans. We do not have to stand for that.

GIBSON: What if Israel decided it felt threatened and needed to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities?

PALIN: Well, first, we are friends with Israel and I don’t think that we should second guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security.

GIBSON: So if we wouldn’t second guess it and they decided they needed to do it because Iran was an existential threat, we would cooperative or agree with that.

PALIN: I don’t think we can second guess what Israel has to do to secure its nation.

GIBSON: So if it felt necessary, if it felt the need to defend itself by taking out Iranian nuclear facilities, that would be all right.

PALIN: We cannot second guess the steps that Israel has to take to defend itself.

Biden To Israel On Nuclear Iran: “Live With It”

Obama's BFFF

Obama's BFFF

Of course we all know that Presidential wannabe Barack Hussein Obama is eager to have Tea and Arugula with Iranian President Ahamadinejad and rumor has that Biden has told Israeli officials behind closed doors that if Iran goes nuclear, they will just have to live with it.

From Wizbang:

Security officials expressed concern Monday over statements reportedly made by US Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden regarding Iran’s nuclear program

Army Radio reported that the Delaware senator was heard saying in closed conversations with Jerusalem officials three years ago that he was firmly opposed to an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Biden, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reportedly claimed that Israel would likely have to come to terms with a nuclear Iran. He reportedly expressed doubt over the effectiveness of economic sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic and said he was against the opening of an additional military and diplomatic front, saying that the US had more pressing problems, such as North Korea and Iraq.

Biden’s lack of commitment to Israel was no different even before the Messiah Obama is in charge.  At the Saddlback Forum, we saw Obama struggling to give an unintelligible answer to Rick Warren about what he would do about evil in our world. Now we’re learning that Biden’s & Obama’s answer really is: when faced with the evil residing in Tehran, Obama and Biden will not defeat it; they will surrender to it, but not after having sat down and talked about it unconditionally.


The Jerusalem Post says this conversation took place three years ago.

Biden and Obama have made it clear that they will not stand up to Iran.  They will allow our military to become weak by gutting the funding to the Armed Forces and will back down to any dictator or thug that scowls at them.

Remember folks, Biden is the schmuck that wanted to send Iran $200 Million dollars to appease the mullahs.  Obviously the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

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Israel Faces Down The Russian Bear

Israel has put Russia on notice and is warning the Russians that if they deliver the S-300 anti missile system, they will expose it’s vulnerabilites to the world open a huge gaping hole in the former Soviet Union’s national security.

From The Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

Israel has warned Russia that it has an electronic warfare device under development that is capable of neutralizing Russia’s S-300 anti-missile system and that if the S-300 is sold to Iran, it will use the device against it thereby exposing Russia’s own air defenses.

If Russia goes through with the sale of its most advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, Israel will use an electronic warfare device now under development to neutralize it and as a result present Russia as vulnerable to air infiltrations, a top defense official has told The Jerusalem Post.

It’s now being reported that the Russians are holding up the delivery of the S-300 Missile defense system.  It would appear that the Israelis forced the Russians to back down.

Iran’s Midget Dictator Wants America To Apologize?

Iranian President and Islamic Terrorist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks that the United States should apologize to Iran after the UN (Useless Nations) released their latest report on Irans nuclear program.

From  Breitbart:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the U.S. and its allies Saturday to “apologize” to Iran for accusing it of seeking nuclear weapons—a day after the U.N. nuclear watchdog released its latest report on Iran’s atomic program. Ahmadinejad said the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency vindicated Iran and warned that Tehran would take unspecified “reciprocal measures” against any country that imposed additional sanctions against Iran.

The IAEA report said several past questions about Iran’s nuclear program had been resolved, but highlighted Tehran’s continued refusal to halt uranium enrichment.

Ahmadinejad said in a televised address to the nation that the best way for the U.S. and its allies to “compensate for their mistakes” is to “apologize and pay compensation.”

“If they continue” pursuing sanctions, he said, “we have definitely drawn up reciprocal measures.” Ahmadinejad did not elaborate.

In all likelyhood , Iran will have to wait to see if Jimmy Carter’s clone of uselessness, Barack Hussein Obama/Osama gets elected to get his apology.  I’m quite sure he will when he sits down to talk with this terrorist to a cup of Turkish Coffee.

Message to the Dwarf Despot: “Listen up Ahmadinejad, I’ll apologize to you when you can find a ladder, climb it and kiss my hairy Zionist Jew ass!  I hope that Israel and the United States in a joint effort nuke this smell asshat and send him on a one way magic carpet ride to Muhammad.”

After we nuke Iran, we can pave over that sand ridden wasteland and create “Disney Arabia”.

Hey Mahmoud, below the fold you’ll find my personalized message to you and the Mullahs of Mayhem:
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Sunni Or Later The Shiite Is Going To Hit The Fan: Iran To Have Nuclear Islamobomb By 2010

I thought the Liberals were cheering that the NIE said Iran was not working on a bomb?  You mean the Iranians have been lying to the world the whole time?  Please, say it ain’t so!

But alas, never fear….President B. Hussein Obama will save us from the Iranians by attacking Pakistan.

File this under “No Shit Sherlock!”

From Spiegel Online:

New simulations carried out by European Union experts come to an alarming conclusion: Iran could have enough highly enriched uranium to build an atomic bomb by the end of this year.

Could Iran be building an atomic bomb? When the US released a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) late last year, it seemed as though the danger of a mullah-bomb had passed. The report claimed to have information indicating that Tehran mothballed its nuclear weapons program as early as autumn 2003. The paper also said that it was “very unlikely” that Iran would have enough highly enriched uranium — the primary ingredient in atomic bombs — by 2009 to produce such a weapon. Rather, the NIE indicated “Iran probably would be technically capable of producing enough (highly enriched uranium) for a weapon sometime during the 2010-2015 timeframe.”

It didn’t take long for experts to question the report’s conclusion that Tehran was no longer interested in building the bomb. And now, a new computer simulation undertaken by European Union experts indicates that the NIE’s time estimates might be dangerously inaccurate as well — and that Iran might have enough fuel for a bomb much earlier than was previously thought

Here’s a reality check for the Islamofacists of Iran.  Israel has probably over 300 nuclear weapons.  I suspect that if there is even a glimmer of a chance that the Iranian Midget of Mayhem, Ahamdinejad is within days of his dream of achieving a nuclear mullah bomb, Israel will bomb those asshats back to the stone age.

Presidential wannabe Obama wants to sit down with these Shiite Heads with no pre conditions and let them lie to his face.  Let’s not forget his Hope and Change Propaganda.