Ron Paul: The Only Man Who Can Save America Is An Accomplice To It’s Bankruptcy


Mr. Small government Ron Paul is the GOP’s biggest Porker when it comes to earmark spending and after all of his screaming about smaller government he is nothing more then a hypocrite no different then Obama, Reid, Murtha, or Pelosi.  Nothing more then a RINO as I long suspected he was.

From AoSHQ:

1) He is one of the biggest yellers about small government. I certainly don’t begrudge him that but…

2) Does such a yeller need to be the top Republican porker? Can’t he satisfy himself with being, say, in the middle third of earmarkers?

And of course:

3) It’s disappointing, because I’ve been told he’s the Only Man Who Can Save America.

The Texas congressman who is the darling of the Libertarian Right, has more earmarks in the pork-laden $410-billion spending bill than any other Republican.

That’s not according to the MSM, or the liberal blogosphere. That’s what Fox News is reporting.

In an interview Tuesday  night with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Paul not only defended his own earmarks, he argued that every penny in the federal budget should be earmarked, to improve transparency.

I wonder if any of the earmarks for America’s Krazy Unkkkle was to payback the White Supremacists that supported him during his run for President?

Tribute To America’s Krazy Unkle, Ron Paul

To the tune of Where have all the flowers gone:

Where have all the Paultards gone, twoofers everyone. Where have all the Paultards gone, gone to spamming everyone.

I’m waiting for the news report that they have all castrated themselves and drank a keg of purple koolaid.

In the meantime, the Zionist Whores over at The Jawa Report put together this video tribute to the “Only Man Who Can Save America”…………Ron Paul.

What Happened To “The Only Man Who Can Save AmeriKKKa” Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is out and thus ends his Revolution!

Often refered to as America’s Crazy Unkle, Wrong Paul, er I mean, Ron Paul had a unique following in his campaign.  Both Far Right White Supremacists and Left Wing anti-war nut jobs were standing side by side in what turned out to be Freak Show in the Political Circus.

His dismal showings in the Primaries forced him to rethink his strategy and brought him to the conclusion that instead of Presidential Politics, he would start concentrating his efforts on keeping the job he already has and begin focusing on being re-elected to his seat in the  Federal Institute of Stupidology, also known as Congress.

From The Politico:

Just as the liberal Ohio congressman realized last month that his long-shot presidential campaign was imperiling his prospects for keeping his House seat, Paul appears to be choosing the comfort of incumbency over a continued effort to win a nomination that he has virtually no shot at capturing.

Last night, the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman sent a message to his supporters signaling that he was scaling back his presidential bid.

Personally, I’m happy that this useless idiot finally had the sense to bow out.  Hey Ron, the rock you crawled out from under or the village from which you came is awaiting your return.