On Behalf Of America, I Apologize To England That Our President Is Such A Putz!

As a life long American who loves this country with all of his heart, I would like to offer our friends on the other side of the pond a sincere apology for the inconsiderate actions of President Barack Hussein Obama for treating our oldest and most loyal ally so poorly when PM Gordon Brown visited our country recently.

Please understand that Barack Hussein Obama is a self centered, narcissistic schmuck who has no class, and shares his lack thereof with his equally self centered bride (of Frankenstein).

Though I would not blame you for turning our back on us, please see it in your heart to forgive us as a nation and remember that if the Messiah continues on the path he’s taken thus far, he will only be president for 4 yrs instead of 8 dreadful years.

Obama The Putz 

The World’s A Stage and Obama Plays Its Bitch!

Bitch Obama2

Since taking the oath of office over a month ago, Barack Obama has overseen a 21% decline in the stock market, Pakistan made nice with the Taliban, trillions of American tax payer dollars have been redistributed and what has the Messiah done?  He has effectively become the world’s bitch and the laughing stock amongst dictators, terrorists, despots, and thugs.

Face it, Islamic Terrorists, and dictators like Kim Jong Il, Ahamdinejad, Chavez, Castro, and Putin see Obama as a weak, gutless eunich with no heart, and as a stuttering coward on the world stage when he is without his trusty teleprompter.  Thanks to his tacky treatment of Great Britain’s PM Gordon Brown, he is viewed by nations once friendly to us as a goofy big eared clown with no class.

The only “Change” I’ve seen beside the dwindling amount of change in my pocket, is how the world now views the United States of America, especially those that wish harm upon us.

I was not George W. Bush’s biggest fan, I disagreed with some of his policies, but by G-d, he made damn sure that the world knew we were a force to be reckoned with and under his strong leadership, the United States suffered no Terrorist attacks after 9-11.  Why, because of his prompt and decisive military action against the perpetrators of that horrendous day.  Do you think for one minute that Obama would respond in the same fashion?  I have more faith that he would prove to be an utter failure in the face of a true crisis.  Faced with a true test, I honestly believe that Obama will go down faster then Barney Frank at a Convention of Alter Boys from San Francisco.

This schmuck named Barack Hussein Obama will in no doubt go down in American history as the biggest failure to ever, evah, sit in the Oval Office.


Congressional Schmuck John Conyers Moves To Protect Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt

Congressional Schmuck John Conyers is calling for an investigation into who, what or why the immigration information of the Obamessiah’s aunt was leaked to the press while American Citizen Joe the plumber is left to sit with his ass in the wind to be phist phucked by the liberal media about anything and everything he’s ever said or done.

From Michelle Malkin:

I predicted the totally predictable last night. And so it has come to pass: The left-wing fairweather friends of privacy are all over the leak of Aunti Zeituni’s immigration info — while Joe The Plumber remainspersona non grata. Democrat Rep. John Conyers has already called for a federal investigation. The WaPo is already up with an A-section story on the anonymous leak. And the liberal blogs are up in arms.

The MSM abhor anonymous leaks — unless they’re helping to undermine Bush administration anti-terrorism programs or conservative causes and candidates.

Laughably, the Obama cultists suspect that Bush administration officials are in cahoots with the McCain campaign and the Associated Press.

Unfortunately, Michigan lays claim to four of the biggest schmucks in politics.  Debbie Staben-hoe cannot keep her husband happy, Levin is always at standbye with the white flag of surrender, Jennifer Granholm is busy bankrupting Michigan and driving away businesses and Conyers likes to cozy up to the radical Islamofacists of Dearbonistan in between launching impeachment hearings and using Justice Dept Brownshirts to investigate American citizens instead of the terrorist sympathizers he endears himself to.

In John Conyers’ eyes, an illegal alien who supports a facist re-distributor of wealth Democrat has more rights then an American citizen named Joe the Plumber who supports a Republican.  If Obama gets elected, the investigations into anyone who thinks he and Obama are worthless schmucks will dry up all of the Federal Law Enforcement resources so that Islamofacist Terrorists hell bent on the destruction of America will get a free pass.

I’ve noticed how well Obama takes care of his own family, one can only imagine well he’ll take care of America.  The whole nation under Obama will resemble the slums of Chicago after 4 yrs.

Joe Biden: Hookd oN Fonix wErKz 4 mE 2!

This guy if anything quacks me up.  Biden is a walking, talking gaffe machine.  I thought I would have some fun with his idiocy and made some fun pics.


Michelle Malkin Reported on this earlier:

Snort advisory warning. Joe Biden, skilled orator and lifelong U.S. Senator, says “J-O-B-S” is a “three-letter word.”

Can you imagine if Sarah Palin had said this?

Run Forest, run!!!

Created by The Rogue Jew

Created by The Rogue Jew


k/t: Flopping Aces 

Happy Tax Day! Senator Ted Kennedy Reminds Americans To Do As He Says, Not As He Does!

The Senator from the state of Taxachussettes, Ted Kennedy who literally got away with vehicular homocide of a innocent young woman, would like to remind all Americans on Tax Day to do as he says, not as he does.

In this video, Hot Air correspondent, Jason Mattera asked Sen. Teddy Kennedy why his family and him defend higher taxes on estates (death tax) while his family pays very little.

From Hot Air:

Message To A Blogger Named INCOGMAN

This Blog Troll who has left his slime all over my blog would like me to fold shop and die. I on the other hand cannot and will not do so. But I have a message for the little schmuck….

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INCOGMAN, Kiss my fucking ass

Kiss my hillbilly hebrew ass bitch!

Shabbat Shalom Asshole!

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Could Barack Hussein Obama Make Jimmy Carter Look Like Ronald Reagan?

He’s a Marxist Socialist Liberal with a Race Baiting Wife who wants to invade Pakistan while sitting down to Turkish Coffee with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad with connections to 60′ era Radicals, er I meanTerrorists….This guy could just make Jimmy Carter look like a competent President if elected.

From Hot Air:

In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

While Ayers and Dohrn may be thought of in Hyde Park as local activists, they’re better known nationally as two of the most notorious – and unrepentant — figures from the violent fringe of the 1960s anti-war movement…

Dr. Young and another guest, Maria Warren described [the event] similarly: As an introduction to Hyde Park liberals of the handpicked successor to Palmer, a well-regarded figure on the left.

“When I first met Barack Obama, he was giving a standard, innocuous little talk in the living room of those two legends-in-their-own-minds, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn,” Warren, wrote on her blog in 2005. “They were launching him–introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.”

See Dubya from Hot Air adds…..

Now speaking on the same panel doesn’t mean Obama is sympathetic to their goals. It does suggest that there was no break with Ayres after the 1995 visits. Obama hasn’t distanced himself from these domestic terrorists, even after terrorism against the United States became a little…harder to ignore after September 11th, 2001. As did William Ayres himself, who had the laughably ill luck to spout off about how proud he was of his terrorism in an interview with the New York Times–an interview that ran in their September 11, 2001 edition.

Obama served with Ayers on the Woods Fund until 2002 – a year after Ayers made his remark 9/11 remark that he hadn’t bombed enough.What are we going to do when we wake up two years into a Obama Presidency and realize that we elected the equivalent to Hugo Chavez to the most powerful position in the world?  Hillary could be placed on the Supreme Court by then and this clueless schmuck will be kowtowing to the Iranians and his buddies in the Taliban and our tax dollars will be going to pay reparations for events that occurred well before most of our ancestors legally immigrated to America.

It’s no wonder Jimmy Carter is having a love affair with this putz, after it’s all said and done, Obama will more then likely replace Jimmy Carter in the history books as “America’s Biggest Presidential Failure”.