Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

This had to be the utmost hilarious sign supporting Barack Obama for President. The Ionia Exit 67 off I-96 in Michigan has this little joint where you can get your truck towed and get a table dance called Shirley’s Backroom.  My 16 yr old son and I were going to visit my mom who happens to be a huge Obama supporter when we came upon this sign.


Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

Truck Stop Strippers Love Obama

Just a little history on this place….Some guy in Ionia who was pissed off at the establishment decided to go against the grain of the whole community and opened a strip joint along with his Truck Towing business.  What makes this even better is that the guy named it after his Mom!  And yes, she was alive and well when this all took place some 10 yrs ago and even use to work in the place.  Not as a dancer but taking money at the door.  $10 would get you a cup of coffee and a donut along with a girl to talk to you, but if you wanted her to dance and get nekid for you, that was extra of course.  


Shirley's Backroom Towing & Strip Joint

Shirley's Backroom Towing & Strip Joint

I know what your saying, how do I know so much about this place?  I am a former resident of Ionia, Michigan and being involved with the law enforcement community at one time, I made it a point to know everything I needed to know without ever once setting one foot inside.

My mom has been working tirelessly for the Obama campaign (I think I may have been adopted) and avoid at all costs discussing politics with my mom so I just didn’t see the point of telling her about this, although my son and I got a huge laugh especially at all the Obama signs out at the front of the road leading up to the place.

If your ever broke down and need a tow and lap dance, be sure to stop in at Shirley’s Backroom.  Perhaps they have Billy Idol’s “Barack the cradle of love”  Or you can get a personalized peep show to “Barack Me Gently”.  On that happy note……………………….Good f’n night!

Can A Mullah Get A Table Dance?

Can a Muslim get a table dance?

The daughter of a Islamic Cleric Omar Bakri,  that has issued death threats against Paul McCartney and threats of 9/11 type attacks against England has a daughter who likes to spend her time as a Stripper who enjoys the art of Pole Dancing.

From The Daily Mail:

For the busty blonde 26-year-old has been uncovered as a topless, tattooed pole-dancer.

The young mother has been displaying her ample charms cavorting in cages in pole dancing clubs in London’s West End, and touring as a ‘podium’ dancer with a troupe called Ibiza Untouched.

In front of hundreds of youngsters, the daughter of the preacher of hate – who rants against Western ‘depravity’ – whips clubbers into a frenzy, even working a fire-eating routine into her act.

Yasmin shrugged off the secret life that her father would abhor. ‘I don’t agree with his views – I just get on with my life and that’s it,’ she said.

Perhaps predictably, self-styled sheikh Bakri, now exiled to Lebanon, dismissed the news as a ‘fabrication’ and described it as an attack on him and Islam.

‘ The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I become. Islam will conquer Britain.

‘Islam has prevailed and you are defeated. The lowest people on earth are non-Muslims and that is why we have to put up with these fabrications and lies.’