Barack Obama: The Vagina Nazi

It appears to me that under ObamaCare, that the elderly and women are the ones taking the biggest hits in the rationing of Health Care Services if Obama and his cast of idiots were to have their way.

As of late, women in general are taking it up the ass with the new guidlelines outlining when and how often a woman should have pap smears and mammograms.

Well, of course I could not let that go and thus yet another of my paintshop creations is born!

I present to you, Barack Hussein Obama, The Vagina Nazi! Version 1 and 2!

The Vagina Nazi

Vagina Nazi 2 Please by all means copy these and send them to your friends and enemies!


Michelle Obama’s Hatchet Wound

Look below the fold to see why I dedicated this song to new First Lady Michelle Obama

Who’d a thunk.. Michelle Obama has a little meat between the sheets, take a look at this unflattering photo.

I see your camel toe!

I see your camel toe!


Hatchet Wound

Calling Michelle Obama a *class act* is a real reach. Meet the new First Lady of the United States of America!

I can’t remember Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush or even Hillary Clinton going out in public dressed like this. First Lady *Camel Toe* is just NOT something that translates to *classy*…

Exclusive: Up Skirt Photo’s Of Nancy Pelosi!

A friend of mine bet me that I wouldn’t do this…..

Never before seen anywhere else!  Don’t lie, I know you’ve all thought about it at one time or another.  Now you finally have the answer to that age old question….”What’s hiding up Nancy Pelosi’s Skirt?
Look What's Hiding Up Nancy Pelosi's Skirt!

Look What's Hiding Up Pelosi's Skirt!

Ten years of working for the Michigan Dept. Of Corrections gave me this twisted sense of humor.  6 months of “Booty Duty” gave me all the time in the world to hone and sharpen this sick wit.  Look Ma, no hands!
Check out the next one below the fold….. Approach With Extreme Caution. Not intended for people with heart conditions or history of stroke…Viewer discretion is advised… NSFW but funny as hell.