President Elect Barack Obama’s First Cabinet Meeting

One can only imagine.  Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall the first time Obama’s freak show gets together to discuss policy?  I can only picture it to play out something like this………….

Jeremiah Wright Revisited: Obama’s Pastor & Spiritual Advisor On America

Just a reminder of the people who influenced Barack Hussein Obama and molded him into what he really is behind the mask he wears.

Barack Obama’s Campaign Goes Phishing For Donations

Where does this end?  Barack Obama has brought this campaign to all time lows.  Obama’s campaign is making the Clintons look honest.  No, honestly!  

Most recently we all have heard about his involvement with known terrorists, racist pastors, organized crime figures in Chicago, and voter fraud.  Now we need to add Credit Card Fraud to the ever growing list of scams that involve the Senator from Chicago, now that it appears his campaign has gone on a phishing trip for donations.

From Michelle Malkin:

A North Kansas City couple has been left scratching their heads after they became the victims of a political scam.

Steve and Rachel Larman say a strange credit card charge appeared on their statement this month — a $2300 donation to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The Larman’s say they don’t want this to be about their political affiliation, but they say they’re not about to give the Obama campaign any help from their pocketbook.

They said they notified Chase, their credit card bank, to report the fraud.

“(They) said that they had seen-they were familiar with this,” said Steve Larman. “It was fraud, they believe through telemarketing but they were going to be doing some more investigations.”

The Larman’s don’t want their politics to enter into what is essentially just a fraudulent charge. But they say that the charge involves the Obama campaign adds insult to injury for the registered Republicans.

“They (Chase) kept on asking me ‘are you sure you wouldnt have gone to a site in support of Obama’,” said Rachel Larman. “And I repeatedly said ‘Im voting for McCain – I would not be going to an Obama site’.”

Chase dropped the charge from the Larman’s card. The couple is thankful thay they caught the charge on the card, but worried that others may not see that type of fraud on their own credit cards before it’s too late.

Is this the “Change” that the Chosen One has in store for America?

Let’s not forget the Top Secret Money Of Barack Obama.  His questionable donations from unknown sources that he refuses to disclose.  I’m still waiting for Obama and the Democrats to finally stand up and say enough is enough!  Highly unlikely though.

Something sure smells Phishy about this guy called Barack Hussein Obama and I’m not referring to his wife Michelle.


Obama’s Father Figure Is A Pedophile

The man Obama referred to as his mentor and a father figure in his early life seems to have some skeletons of his own hidden in what appears to be the closet right next to the one that Obama himself hides his.

From RWN:

The ENQUIRER exclusively reports a “sex pervert” was Sen. Barack Obama’s longtime mentor and “father figure”. 

For seven years, the presidential candidate had a “father-son” relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and practicing a wide array of deviant sexual activities.

In his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father, Obama identifies his childhood mentor only as “Frank,” but Obama insiders later confirmed he was referring to Davis, a journalist and poet who was a pal of Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham.

…Barack, called “Barry” as a child, was a mere ten year old when he first met the family friend who lead a secret double life.

Obama’s grandfather introduced Barry and Davis because he believed it would help his alienated grandson identify with being of mixed heritage because Barack’s mother, Ann, was a white American while his father, Barack Kenyan.

Obama’s parents separated and then divorced when Barack was only 2. Ann remarried and took Barack to live with her and new husband Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia – but Barack was later sent to live with his white grandparents in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Barack describes how Frank Davis had a lasting effect on him and became a father figure over the seven years they knew one another on the tropical island.

In Dreams from My Father, Obama wrote: “He would read us poetry whenever we stopped by his house, sharing whiskey with Gramps out of an emptied jelly jar.

“As the night wore on, the two of them would solicit my help in composing dirty limericks.”

Obama described being counseled by Frank often and recalled drinking whiskey with him.

Barack Obama has had some interesting influences in his life.  From the Racist & Hate filled sermons of Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers a self professed Terrorist Bomber who bombed the Pentagon, Convicted Felon Tony Rezko, and now a Pedophile who he revered as his mentor and father figure.  The people who mattered most in Obama’s life are starting to resemble a Freak Show from a rag tag traveling circus of Nuts, or shall we say, ACORNS.

The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama

I still don’t understand why in the world, Jews tend to lean to the liberal left.  At my shul during the High Holidays, I cannot begin to tell you how many Obama bumper stickers I saw in the parking lot, let alone the Obama campaign buttons I noticed people wearing to the Yuntif services.  Oy vey, I was plotzing at the site!

From the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

The Trailer:

All Three Parts can be found below the fold….

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Clueless In Chicago

Tell me it isn’t so.  Tell me that we are not about to elect the most clueless man in the world to the highest post of leadership?

Barack Obama after 20 yrs of sitting in a pew in the congreagation of Pastor Jeremiah Wright, listening to him speak for more then 20 yrs, yet Obama never once realized what a hate filled anti-American his pastor truly was?

Barack Obama’s political career was launched by a man responsible for the bombing of the Pentagon and a member/terrorist for a organization that was also responsible for the killing of several police officers, but yet William Ayers was simply a man that lived in Obama’s neighborhood.

Personally, I don’t buy any of it.  I cannot fathom for a single minute that Barack Obama never, ever knew any of this and if he did, that would make him even more clueless then the current President of the United States, George W. Bush and do we really want someone that oblivious sitting in the oval office?

Why I Will Not Vote For Barack Obama

I’m already being labled a racist simply because I refuse to vote for Barack Obama.  I’ve heard what he has to say, I’ve seen what little he’s done as far as a leader or a legislator, and I know his track record for liberalism and his Marxist Ideals.  I simply don’t like what he stands for and I don’t like the direction he plans on taking this country.

I could give a shit less that he’s black, er excuse me, African-American.  I have friends who are African American.  I’ve gone hunting, fishing, and drinking with them.  Their race means nothing to me.  It’s not the color of their skin it’s the content of their hearts and souls.

It seems the only people that are making Obama’s race an issue in this election are Obama himself and his fellow Democrats.  They seem to be the only people bringing up his “funny name” and that fact that he’s black.  Not once have I ever heard McCain, Palin or any other Republican mention his race in this election.

The reason I am voting for McCain and Palin are simply because they best represent my interests and my values.  

I believe in a strong military and a strong defense for this great nation.  I think that America is the greatest Nation in this world, a Country I’m proud of.  I don’t think America is mean and I am not proud of America simply because Barack Obama was nominated.  I am a citizen of the United States of America, not a citizen of the world.  I hold my hand over my heart when I hear the Star Spangled Banner and because I have a son fighting in a turd world country for our freedom I even tear up upon hearing it.  I recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag with great pride in this country and what it stands for.     

I believe in lowering taxes.  I believe I know best what to do with my money and I don’t feel it should be redistributed to someone who has not worked hard for it as I have.  I did not sweat and bleed for some crack whore who got knocked up screwing some douchebag in order to score some more dope.

I believe in Freedom of Religion and not freedom FROM religion.  Yes, I am one of those people Obama spoke of to his rich elitist friends in San Fransisco who cling to their religion.

And speaking of clinging….Yes, by g-d, I cling to my gun and any schmuck who ventures into the territory of taking that right from me is worthy of my suspicion and does not deserve my vote.  It was the gun that won our freedom, it is the gun that preserves that freedom.

While we’re at it, the man called Barack Obama who wants to lead the free world, sat for twenty years in a congregation of a preacher that spoke of racial hatred and despised this country, yet says that he never knew about Pastor Wright’s feelings of hatred toward whites, Jews, and America in general.  Anyone who is that oblivious does not deserve to lead even a troop of Boy Scouts let alone a nation, and further more, if he is so full of himself that he thinks for one freaking minute I believe that he (Obama) was not aware of Pastor Wright’s hate speeches, then once again, that man does not deserve my vote.

As for his association with known terrorists and criminals, that’s just the icing on the cake. 

I could be blind and oblivious to what Barack Obama’s race is, and I can honestly tell you, I would still not vote for him, simply because of the issues, NOT because of his race.

Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright Involved In Sex Scandal

This brings back memories of Jim and Tammy Baker in the 80’s.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Pastor (till he threw him under the bus) Jeremiah Wright is embroiled in a sex scandal involving a church worker.

From the NY Post:

He almost wrecked Barack Obama‘s presidential dreams, and now firebrand pastor Jeremiah Wright has helped destroy a Dallas church worker’s marriage – and her job, The Post has learned.

Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with the controversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was an executive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé.

When word of the unholy alliance got out, Payne’s husband dumped her, and she was canned from the plum job at Friendship-West Baptist Church, she told The Post.

“I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that’s why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me,” Payne said.

She refused to reveal when the adulterous affair started or how she met Wright.

The preacher reportedly wooed Ramah away from her first husband in the 1980s, when the couple came to marriage counseling at Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

It was just a matter of time before something like this came out. I’m only surprised we had to wait this long for it…I had a feeling that bigotry wasn’t the only one of Rev. Wright’s sins, or even the worst.
I just wonder if this is the Jeremiah Wright that the Obamessiah once knew?

DNC Convention Schedule

The DNC has announced its schedule for the upcoming convention in Denver, Colorado.  I gathered these little ideas from around the web.

Monday August 25 – Opening ceremonies with white flag waving.

Monday, August 25th – Opening Prayer: Reverend Jeremiah Wright gives the Benediction (viewer discretion advised)

Monday, August 25- George Soros relates how buying a party and installing a candidate, can secure a Marxist agenda.

Monday, August 25-Bill Clinton and John Edwards host a seminar: Deny, Deny, Deny – How to Cheat on your Spouse in the National Spotlight.

Monday, Aug. 25th  2:00pm – 2:01pm (Slideshow)  “Proud Moments in American History” 

Monday, August 25 — One Nation Under Obama Monday’s headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama on the topic of One Nation I Truly Despise.

Tuesday, August 26th – John Edwards addresses the convention on “Family Values”

Tueday 26 August: Renewing America’s Promise or how to hate America while enjoying its benefits.

Tuesday, August 26- Former President Bill Clinton will host a fun afternoon of Pin the Cigar on/in the intern.

Wednesday, August 27th – William Ayers conducts bomb-making seminar.

Wednesday, August 27-Bill & Hillary Clinton Host a Seminar on “The Successful Selling of White House & Air Force One Mementos on eBay & Craigslist”

Wednesday, August 27th-Workshop on how to reduce your carbon footprint by teaching your neighbors how to perform organic, sustainable, and locally procured abortions?

Thursday, August 28th- Congressman William Jefferson “Amana vs. Fridgidaire? – where to keep your cold hard cash”

Thursday, August 28t- The Almighty Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) and Senator John Kerry hold question and answer session on the intricacies of the political flip-flop.

Thursday, August 28 – Closing ceremonies and BHO’s keynote speech: Change Will Be All You Have Left In Your Pocket.

Message From The Rogue Jew To Michelle Obama: “Better Grow A Pair Sweetie!”

Barack Hussein Obama thinks that his blushing bride should be off limits to any criticism even though she is placing herself in the national spotlight by campaigning for her hubby and criticizing my country and my way of life…..To that request I say, “Not on your freaking life”.


WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat Barack Obama has a message for Tennessee’s Republican Party: “Lay off my wife.”

Obama and his wife, Michelle, were asked in an interview aired Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about an online video last week by Tennessee’s GOP taking her to task for a comment some considered unpatriotic.

Obama said it was unacceptable for anyone to attack his family.

Because until now she has never been proud of her country, I can only wonder if she will shut the f*ck up and go away already?

Poor Obama, he just absolutely hates being caught in his own web of deception and his traveling road show of smoke and mirrors.  The kid glove handling by the mainstream media of this schmuck and the lifting up of Obama as some sort of Messiah has given him the feeling of being bullet proof and he thinks simply because of his Muslim background and the fact that he’s black makes him and his bitter half untouchable….Wrong!!!

If B. Hussein Obama and his wife’s skin gets any thinner, the pair will be as transparent as glass!  I believe the time is nearing that for the sake of his political career, Obama may give his wife the same treatment he gave his Grandmother and Rev. Wright…..He’ll throw her under the already underside of the bus.

The Wright Wing Conspiracy: Obama’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost!

Irony is a funny thing and I must say, in Obama’s case, it’s Wrong to be Wright!  Barack Hussein Obama led me to believe that it was just mainstream Americans that cling to their faith….Oh yeah, and our guns!  Bwhahahah asshat!

From The Weasel Times:

Y’all know I’ve been pretty depressed about this presidential election. John McCain seriously harshes my shadenfreude. Every time I start to go after a Democrat, I hear McCain’s evil-grampa laugh in my ear, and my (entirely metaphorical) balls shrivel.

But I’ve listened to the entirety of Jeremiah Wright’s National Press Club and NAACP speeches and I can’t remember a time I have so passionately wished to poke someone in the snoot. Entirely metaphorically, of course.

I think it was where he imitates the way white people talk. Being mimicked reaches right back into my nursery school braincells and makes them throb with screaming monkey rage.

Or maybe that bit about how Europeans and Africans are different right down to the brainal level. I don’t know from neuropathology, I only know if a white man had said anything close to that, it would buy him a one-way ticket to Lepertown.

Listening to Wright made me feel grubby; that he is slick only makes it grubbier. It was like being dipped in a cesspit of toxic racial sludge. Like attending a Klan rally on Bizarroworld.

Obama\'s Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Here’s egg on your face!

Kippah Tip to the Jawa Report

Nice Try Obama, But in the words of Bill Clinton, “No Cigar!”

While appearing on the Today Show this morning, Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that Americans are ready to move past the issues dealing with his Racist Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

From Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Democrat Barack Obama and his wife said Thursday the public is tired of hearing about incendiary remarks by their former pastor, as they sought to put the controversy that has rocked his presidential campaign to rest.

“We hear time and time again voters are tired of this,” Michelle Obama said in an interview the couple gave to NBC’s “Today” show.

I think the only ones who want to move past this issue are the Obama’s and their supporters who share the same views as Rev. Wright.

I guess Mr. Hussein Obama should have been thinking about that while he was sitting their in a pew nodding in agreement all those years with the hate rhetoric spewing from his beloved pastor.  Now in light of all this, his support is plummeting had a rate not seen since 19 Islamic Terrorists brought down the Twin Towers.

I can only ask, what would have been the outcome had John McCain been sitting at a KKK rally?  Rev. Wright’s speeches are no different then those of David Duke or even Adolf Hitler.  They all inspired hatred!

Has Barack Hussein Obama’s Campaign “Jumped The Shark”?

First off, for those of you not of the couch potato variety and may not know what jumping the shark means, I have this definition from Wiki…

The term jumping the shark alludes to a specific scene in a 1977 episode of the TV series Happy Days when the popular character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli literally jumps over a shark while water skiing. The scene was so preposterous that many believed it to be an ill-conceived attempt at reviving the declining ratings of the flagging show. The phrase has become a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point at which the characters or plot of a TV series veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline. Such a show is typically deemed to have passed its peak. Once a show has “jumped the shark” fans sense a noticeable decline in quality or feel the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original appeal.

For over 20 yrs, Barack Hussein Obama and his snooty wife have been attending the church of hate lead by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Are we to believe that during this 20 yr relationship in which Obama has referred to Wright as a Beacon of truth.

In a march news conference, Obama threw his Grandmother under the bus and stated he could no sooner disown Wright then he could his racist grandmother, now a month later and the same rhetoric spewing forth from Rev Wright as it has for years, Obama is now throwing Wright under the bus in order to salvage his already tainted Political career.

Barack Hussein Obama really is an obnoxious, elitist, snob who thinks mainstream America is foolish enough to fall for his crap.  I am watching anxiously to see him twist in the wind on a hangman’s noose designed not by Karl Rove or my fellow members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, but by none other then his opponent, fellow Liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Obama Lies Like A Clinton

Bill Clinton should be proud of this guy instead of trying to destroy him.  Barack Hussein Obama has obviously learned his deceitful skills from the best of all of them.

B. Hussein Obama has been telling everyone that will listen that he did not attend Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Hate America speech, but it turns out that Obama is full of the shit he’s shoveling out to the voters.

From NewsMax:

Clarification: The Obama campaign has told members of the press that Senator Obama was not in church on the day cited, July 22, because he had a speech he gave in Miami at 1:30 PM. Our writer, Jim Davis, says he attended several services at Senator Obama’s church during the month of July, including July 22. The church holds services three times every Sunday at 7:30 and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time. While both the early morning and evening service allowed Sen. Obama to attend the service and still give a speech in Miami, Mr. Davis stands by his story that during one of the services he attended during the month of July, Senator Obama was present and sat through the sermon given by Rev. Wright as described in the story. Mr. Davis said Secret Service were also present in the church during Senator Obama’s attendance. Mr. Davis’ story was first published on Newsmax on August 9, 2007. Shortly before publication, Mr. Davis contacted the press office of Sen. Obama several times for comment about the Senator’s attendance and Rev. Wright’s comments during his sermon. The Senator’s office declined to comment.

************************** Contrary to Senator Barack Obama’s claim that he never heard his pastor Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. preach hatred of America, Obama was in the pews last July 22 when the minister blamed the “white arrogance” of America’s Caucasian majority for the world’s suffering, especially the oppression of blacks.

Senator Obama has sought to separate himself from his pastor’s incendiary remarks, issuing a statement Friday rejecting them as “inflammatory and appalling” but failing to renounce Wright himself for his venomous and paranoid denunciations of America.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Obama will more likely then not try to lie, cheat, and steal his way out of this one by lying to minimize his relationship with his racist mentor.

I’m With Stupid

Obama, Not The Sharpest Bulb In The Drawer

Obama’s Presidential Dreams Being Flushed Down The Toidy!

Look who’s chickens are coming home to roost now!  Looks like St. Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential aspirations are being flushed down the proverbial shitter thanks to the truth coming out about his 20+ year relationship with his racist spiritual and political advisor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

From Rasmussen Reports:

Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who has become part of the national political dialogue in recent days, is viewed favorably by 8% of voters nationwide. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 58% have an unfavorable view of the Pastor whose controversial comments have created new challenges for Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.

Wright was Obama’s Pastor until he retired last month, but Obama has repudiated the preacher’s comments.

Seventy-three percent (73%) of voters say that Wright’s comments are racially divisive. That opinion is held by 77% of White voters and 58% of African-American voters. In addressing the issue, Obama warned against injecting race into the campaign .

Obama is finding out what a bitch it is to be judged on his character, or in this case, the lack thereof!

So much for playing that race card Home Skillet!

Obama’s Race Card

Obama: A Liar That Even A Clinton Could Be Proud Of!

Obama’s cover has been blown and he’s being exposed for the racist, anti-semite that he truly is. Mainstream America will see him for what he really is. A liar and a fraud that would make even Bill and Hillary proud.

Barack Hussein Obama is desperately trying to cover his tracks where his spiritual advisor and pastor are concerned. Not denouncing or disassociating himself, but telling falsehoods and outright lies.

From the New York Times:

CHICAGO, March 5 — The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., senior pastor of the popular Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and spiritual mentor to Senator Barack Obama, thought he knew what he would be doing on Feb. 10, the day of Senator Obama’s presidential announcement.

After all, back in January, Mr. Obama had asked Mr. Wright if he would begin the event by delivering a public invocation.

But Mr. Wright said Mr. Obama called him the night before the Feb. 10 announcement and rescinded the invitation to give the invocation.

“Fifteen minutes before Shabbos I get a call from Barack,” Mr. Wright said in an interview on Monday, recalling that he was at an interfaith conference at the time. “One of his members had talked him into uninviting me,” Mr. Wright said, referring to Mr. Obama’s campaign advisers.

Some black leaders are questioning Mr. Obama’s decision to distance his campaign from Mr. Wright because of the campaign’s apparent fear of criticism over Mr. Wright’s teachings, which some say are overly Afrocentric to the point of excluding whites.

Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said the campaign disinvited Mr. Wright because it did not want the church to face negative attention. Mr. Wright did however, attend the announcement and prayed with Mr. Obama beforehand.

Rev Wright married Barack and Michelle and baptized their children. Obama claims to be the one who will reunite America, but it has become abundantly clear, he will further divide Americans by race and social class. America does not need Obama!