My Predictions For Super Tuesday II

My predictions for Super Tuesday v 2.0 is that the Democratic Messiah B. Hussein Obama will deliver a death blow to the Clinton campaign.  Does that mean the Dark Lord Darth Hitlery will back out?  I doubt it.  I still think she has a ACE hidden up her pantsuit.  I just don’t think Hillary is capable of going into the night QUIETLY.

Photo Courtesy The Powers That Be:

Obama Slam Dunks Hillary

I do think that this is an accurate prediction of what will happen to the world biggest left leaning dick…..Not that dick you gutter minded rat, this one……..

Bill Clinton, Pimpin aint easy!

But anyway, I think that if Hillary does not have Obama whacked, I think hubby Bill better be searching for a new hiding place…………….

Kill Bill

Either way, one head or another will roll, you can bet on that!

3 responses to “My Predictions For Super Tuesday II

  1. Bingo!

    Hillary’s like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies… she’s never really down and out for good.

    They didn’t steal all those FBI files for nothin’!

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