Open Letter To President Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama,

As my son is heading off to Afghanistan today to defend this country against Islamic Terrorism or as you put it, an overseas contingency,  I read that you are now planning your fifth vacation since July, not to mention your 44 games of golf as of July 16, 2010 and your little fantasy basketball camp over your birthday. All this while the country is in a financial meltdown, no new job creation in the private sector, and  we are at war against Islamic Terrorism, and of course let’s not forget the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr President, when is it you find time to lead this nation in between all your recreational and fundraising activities?

Personally, I find you and your family’s conduct disrespectful and arrogant. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

You frolic about this country on the taxpayers dime in constant campaign mode blaming President George W. Bush and the Republicans for everything under the sun including the mortgage fiasco that you and your friends Barney Frank and Chris Dodd created and you constantly evade your own personal responsibility for the mess this country is in.

President Obama, you sir, are a disgrace to office in which you hold and a disgrace to this great nation. With all his faults, President G. W. Bush is a far more honorable man then yourself and you sir could never hold a candle to him. The respect he shows to our troops will forever hold in my memory and shadow over any of he may have made along the way, at least he accepted the responsibility that goes along with the office in which you stole.

I personally cannot wait to see the voters of this great nation give your party the boot come November of 2010 and to see you come away from 2012 as a badly beaten man. Not because of your race, but because of your lack of leadership, honesty and honor.


Disrespectfully yours,



The Rogue Jew

7 responses to “Open Letter To President Barack Hussein Obama

  1. I also noticed that good ole fucking prezbo was kissing muslim ass at the white house. Keep me informed how your son is doing, I do fly an Israeli flag on one side of my garage, American on the other. This administration is about the same leadership caliber that Mugabe is to Zimbabwe. God will be with your son, and hopefully our country. ciao. jd

  2. Obama is still on his Apologies Tour. Obama hates the
    United States and Everything that It Stands For, including our
    entire History. In Obama’s deluded and narcissistic mind, America
    is a nation of Greedy White Folks who became rich and powerful off
    the backs of Blacks, and other peoples of color, race and
    ethnicity. This has been the Communist Model of Propaganda for over
    a hundred years. Obama is thoroughly Brainwashed Communist who is
    totally out of touch with reality and has no sense of what it means
    to be an American. Obama is not Pro-American but he is Pro-Islamic
    and Pro-Communist. Obama’s entire upbringing has Been Radical and
    Everything He Has done in his life has been Radical. We knew this
    before he was elected, but the MSM and Pop Culture thought it would
    be So Cool to Have a Hip Black Dude As POTUS. Look what this
    foolishness has brought us.

  3. A very gentle letter like this may not penetrate the dense mind of a self-serving, mere mortal politician, with a hugely overinflated ego.

    you constantly evade your own personal responsibility for the mess this country is in.

    That is his modus operandi, and he is quite proud of it. If he wasn’t he would be working voraciously for solutions and making visible progress in the eyes of all Americans. That is clearly not apparent. His partisan agenda and bizarre need to embellish the history books with his “accomplishments,” have raised the ire of hard-working Americans who are paying taxes to subsidize his political agenda and personal vacations. If he really was such an accomplished politician with such great executive experience, the grand community organizer might be faring with greater success as a leader of this country today. His performance so far says it all.

  4. I don’t think he would understand your suggestions. Just like his birth certificate, his diploma is probably fake too. He most likely majored in basket weaving, if he went to school at all.

  5. Good day, sir.

    I will respectfully ask you to go fuck yourself – and shove your blog and everything on it up your ass where it belongs.

    Best regards,

    – Everyone with a slight grip with reality.

  6. Henrik ole boy, are you receiving some kink of government entitlement? With a remark like that you sound like some third generation welfare fuck.


    Jim Henry

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