Notice the “Diversity” between Obama and Bush?

Teh Ghey Prez

Bill Clinton may have been the first Black President but Obama surely qualifies as the first Gay President  in American history.  What a humiliating image for proud American’s to have to view in their so called “leader” .

2 responses to “Diversity

  1. Why is there blogs about exposing “O” bumber? Is it not just common knowledge?
    Now I must say that some speculation and/or conspiracy theories are quite entertaining, but as I said; is it not just common knowledge? “O”bumber is not even trying to hide certain aspects of his corrupt agenda, and the queer never has. From the beginning he has made the assertion many times about fundamentally changing the “ole” USA, and then putting into office another queer that apparently has sexcapades with the British health system. Notwithstanding the lesbian, liberal judges he has put on the high court, to totally subvert and gut any amendment that does not coincide with “O”bumbers agenda. Does this really need to be exposed?
    How about just opening your eyes America, that just might help! And on another subject, why do you think the media LOVES this guy? They must have jizzed in their pants the first time they heard about “O”bumber. And what about that one news guy that gets chills up his leg every time “O”bumber speaks, WHAT!!! does he want to suck his dick as well!!!! Come on, what kind of man gets chills up his leg from listening to another man speak? I’ll let you answer that! But I must say, that in the past five years, before “O”bumber got elected, I didn’t watch even a nanosecond of TV, now I’m totally a news junkie. Does anyone really need to question the media’s LOVE affair with “O”bumber?!? America might be in a financial rut, but those media people are getting RICH!!!

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